The real reason that J Cole let Nas down

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Some time has passed since J Cole infamously let Nas the Great down. But the real reason as too why J...

Feedback if possible please

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OT: Nintendo 2DS, I shit you not

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Alchemist is one of the composers of the GTA V score

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So we knew about the whole Flying Lotus thing, but now there’s new details, mainly that the game will ...


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Me Singing a new song…

Funniest/most embarassing moments in hip-hop

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You know, shit that made hip-hop culture look retarded, like this timeless classic: http://www.youtub...

Why no love for Nas and Damien Marley''s album.

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Nas was in rare form for the whole CD and and his chemistry with Damien Marley was amazing……it actuall...

Shad Fer x Ine Care(DGAF) *Banger* TURN DF UP!

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I posted a few days ago in the forums that I needed a mainstream song to perform and this is it: http...

The likes of Logic, XV, Chris Webby are better than Drake and J.Cole

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I rarely ever see rappers like Logic, XV or Chris Webby mentioned here on RapGenius. I could mostly as...

New Push-A-Ton

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The secret Birdman was hiding for years!!

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Tracy McGrady & Allen Iverson

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These two have officially retired from the NBA this season. Personally, they are my two favorites g...

Bruh best mashup of all time

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White Rapper Ethers Kendrick Lamar

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