NEW UNDERACHIEVERS; with a somewhat different taste?

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How do you feel with this?


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Rank every song on Acid Rap

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Since Watty did this with Yeezus, I decided that Chance The Rapper deserved one too. Rank every song o...

So Juicy J is streaming Stay Trippy...

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You have to play a game on his website though. It takes some time though.http://staytrippy.thejuicyj.c...

ASAP Ferg Ethers Kendrick Lamar

30 posts latest by big_pete 8 months ago I might be reaching but damn. The whole video is worth watching but skip ...

Turntable session, get in.

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MCHG Review

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Best review of MCHG I’ve seen:

AZ drops new song off of Doe or Die II

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“I Excel"

Dizzy Wright- The Golden Age opinions

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I really liked this mixtape. I give it a 9/10 and he had a lot of good tracks on here. Best tracks:Ma...

OT Amish Mafia

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La Cosa Nostra yah?! This show is hilarious! Who else is watching? Who would you get to do Amish Mafi...

2 reasons off the top of my head why i think kendrick's "control verse" wasn't that big of a deal

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1.he had already called out a bunch of rappers on his remix of kanyes “monster" 2.smoke dza was also c...

Childish Gambino's Next Mixtape/Album

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I don’t know about you guys but I’m pretty excited for Gambino’s next mixtape/album. I can’t wait to h...

Opinions on Wale?

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What are your opinions on Wale? I heard his album “The Gifted”, didnt really feel it, maybe only felt ...

Drake and Cole express their opinion on Lamar's verse

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What Should I Get For My Birthday?

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I’m 14, going to be 15. I love hip hop, and music in general. I have four pair of great headphones, I ...