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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjTEf3jkxn8 Astro reminds me of a young Biggie tbh.. That breathing. ...

Which looks better? Record Designs

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If anyone wants to make a graphic design for Elevator Music/Elevator Records, feel free! Paying the pe...

High School

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Drama in high school. So the girls in school say they hate drama but on nights out thier version of fu...

Critique my writing/read some real shit.

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I was bored and on RG and decided to explore a topic. This applies to all musical genres. The power o...

Cool things about rappers they dont do when there not rapping..hobby

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Meek mill rides dirtbikes, atv ect im suprised ross fat ass aint break it

Complex top 10 rappers of 2000s

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http://www.complex.com/music/2013/08/best-rappers-of-2000s/ Do you agree? Me neither!

Lets Never Discourage Self-Promo on RG again...RG Talent>>>Any Other Forum By Far

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To really appreciate the talent on RG you have to compare us to other forums…the first one that comes ...

Exposing the fakeness in today's Hip Hop

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=XGapsFJcSFw This music video shows how Hip Hop...

What happened to the thread titled "Why do moderators sometimes act as dickheads"?

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mods trying to delete the moment they all simultaneously caught feels over their status as bottom feed...

VMA 2013 Thread

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MTV VMAs tonight. Who wins what? What performances are you looking forward to? Do you even care? Disc...

PAUSE! maybe putting my fingers in yo face after scratching my balls was too far. Just a lil joke to show how homophobic you are

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This is some bitch made shit! What kinda battle rapper does that? I’d swing in a millisecond.http://ww...

MUST WATCH: old hip-hop documentary 'The Show'

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Stumbled upon this old documentary while browsing around on YouTube. Has some great old school rapper...

A nigga in need.

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Can anyone help me get FL Studio 10 or 11?

NEED FEEDBACK!!!! Teddy - Accordion (Remix) New!

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https://soundcloud.com/teddy31/accordion-layla Hey guys, recently i had stopped recording my raps be...

Best song to bump in your car ?

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just gotta a 800$ sound system in my car with some subs that bang what you guys think?