OT: Has anyone else seen this raw ass anime?

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Check out my Control verse (DMV Rapper)

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I’m pretty new to rapping and I just do everything on my own for the most part. When I heard Kendrick’...

What do you think of this new JET THUMAN music?

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http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail.php?id=521519 Now it’s on DatPiff— so fnckn mainstream.


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Advice on my first attempt at a beat? (be critical)

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https://soundcloud.com/thankful1/thankful1-mahvin-rough-cut Just got Logic yesterday so the drums ar...

New track for you bitch-made RG users

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Just kidding I love you guys. As always, feedback is appreciated. I’m second, and then go again late...

So uhh.. Where'd the play button go?

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Having the play button on the bottom is very convenient.. Having to scroll all the way up is such a pa...

Jay Electronica

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I’ve never listened to the guy but with him not having an album out… where do I start ? Any mixtapes ?

Opinions on my new song? be a dick

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just dropped this song called cold turkey, gonna be doing a video but just not yet. opinions?https://s...

Which of these Rap Album Is Good To Have For A Collection?

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I’m thinking of getting a second hip hop cd for my birthday and I started off with getting Biggie Smal...

Listen to my music

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Tell if you like it, or if you hate it. https://soundcloud.com/jaredmsamuel

Detailed explanation as to why I don't praise Kendrick Lamar

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Hey there, I understand that I probably will get a shitload of downvotes for this, but I wanted to get...

This bread = hella overcooked

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Can I get your opinions on this?

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https://soundcloud.com/jaytwisted/whos-the-kid-prod-by-napalm I’m trying to get better, give me your ...

So I linked the wrong Twitter account to my RG account...

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Does anybody know how I’m supposed to remove it so I can link the correct one? I revoked access from R...