AnimeFan EP track list - it look good/intriguing? oh and a new front cover opinions

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The AF Intro Feel It (Prod. Idris Miles) Anime Fan Ft. Idris Miles (Prod. Jedidiah) Desire/The Gamer (...

Greatest freestyle of all time

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How does this not have more views?

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Alright, so recently I remade the instrumental to Joey Bada$$‘ song “Amethyst Rockstar” The reason wh...

What Exactly Defines a Critically Skilled Producer To A Lazy One Who Gets Away With It?

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A producer in hip-hop is considered a smith of sounds, a technician of beats, blablabla, etc. But whe...

The SoundCloud Repost Thread

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This is just a thread where people can post their soundcloud links to get reposts from other users…if ...

Ballpark for "Old" release date

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Grand Theft Auto V Online Gameplay Coming AUGUST 15TH - HYPPEEE

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Rapper Net Worth

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Well the other day in the thread about Mac Miller getting sued I decided to look up his net worth. Thi...

Who was the artist that drew you into hip hop? (Plus Instagram)

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For me, being that I’m still a teenager, I heard Coolio rap the theme song for Kenan and Kel and I tho...

New Alix Song Inspired By Hopsin And J. Cole

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How important is annunciation to you? Are you the type that prefers to understand what their artist is...

Rimmer Fights The Power

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rare footage from the man himself

Live action satisfaction

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Ya boy eatin tonight

Favorite 3 Instrumentals?

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This is honestly going to be one of the hardest top 3 of anything that i’ve picked but I have to go wi...