Who was the artist that drew you into hip hop? (Plus Instagram)

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For me, being that I’m still a teenager, I heard Coolio rap the theme song for Kenan and Kel and I tho...

New Alix Song Inspired By Hopsin And J. Cole

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How important is annunciation to you? Are you the type that prefers to understand what their artist is...

Rimmer Fights The Power

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rare footage from the man himselfhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZxr6e9JqYs

Live action satisfaction

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Ya boy eatin tonight

Favorite 3 Instrumentals?

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This is honestly going to be one of the hardest top 3 of anything that i’ve picked but I have to go wi...

Hip-Hop's biggest milestones

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I know that part of that discussion already were posted some time back, but since Hip-Hop turns 40 tod...

Breaking All The M.A.T.A.F.U.I.N -- Rules

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Tomorrow is the first day of school and I ain’t even going.

What's A Black Beatle by Mr. Troublesome

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a DJ on KTT did a mashup of beatles songs and kanye songs. i’ve heard a single and it was fucking tigh...

What was the song that defined each 'Ye era for you?

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I’m jacking a KTT thread but people had interesting lists so I wanted to bring it over to the better f...

14 year old rap artist, REAL HIP-HOP/DOPE MUSIC

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14 year old artist “Jay V" Please listen/support Follow on twitter @RealJayVicious Thanks y'all!http:/...

Need an anime fans help - Gurren Lagann watcher

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comment so i can send you a track i wanna see if you get it

Big Sean says his album is a classic, offers a definition of the term aswell...

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“What I mean by ‘classic’ is it’s a pure body of work; there’s quality songs.” There we have it! From...

If you could bring back any deceased rapper...

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Okay, before anybody tries to start something, nobody should get offended if somebody says something t...