Joey top 5

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Joey top 5 Joey top 5 Joey top 5 Joey top 5 Joey top 5 Joey top 5 Joey top 5 Joey top 5 Joey t...

Top 10 Things that need to stop on our RG (Forums)

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Aiyyo my RG Community! If you like RapGenius, then keep on reading please, cause this is going to be ...

Get well soon Craig Sager

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Craig Sager, aka the GOAT sideline reporter with GOAT suitgame, has been recently diagnosed with acute...

#QRules page is here!!! (Prepare ur body)

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The Time Has Qome Negus @IllustriousQ @ThaEQsplanat...

Features you would like to see on Eminem's new album?

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So Yelawolf said in an interview that him and Eminem both have solo albums coming out this year. What ...

Robot offers advice

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Does anyone write lyrics like this

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I look at other lyrics on RG and just to mimick the same rhyme schemes and amount of syllables per bar...

Any Whitehats want their annotations checked? 10.0

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A Continuation of 10.0. @HanzDown @Eon2323 @Heat_Cube @Sativa @Barrk @MHealx @Depressed-Bogeham @Danie...

Why do people hate Kanye so much?

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I’ve listened to everything Kanye’s made and I think he’s super dope. He’s obviously not the best MC, ...

If GKMC Wasnt a Concept Album

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Would it still be classic/good to you? I say yes

Meaningful rap songs?

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What are some rap songs that you can really think to. Something with some meaning behind it or differe...

Jeromes song of the day

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any cubanos on rg? shout out to cuban hiphop. yall might remember this song from bad boys 2, great son...

Which pic looks better for a mixtape cover?

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Please note that I will edit the pics up and add titles to them later. Vote between these three pics:...

Proof that @HailTheKing hates me (remade with evidence)

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Okay guys, lately I have a low-key beef with @HailTheKing and this has been killing me for days. So N...


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