Bad News About Nicki

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If you were thinking and hoping like I was, Nicki was: A. Gearing up to release an EPIC album (from wh...

"Drake has never sounded so good."

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-Me every time I’m in my feelings.

Better Watch Out Guys

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Pls annotate.

KJones77 Reviews The New Classic

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Walk the Line: 4.25/5 “This that new classic, ain’t this what you needed / I’m what amazing look like,...

The best sophomore album ever?

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They always say the sophomore album is much harder than your first so out of all of your favourite rap...

Corniest lines of all time

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Post the most cringeworthy lines you know of! I’ll kick things off “Now I be schoolin them niggas Po...

Girl Beats Dude in Rap battle+ Rap Battle gets too personal

3 posts latest by Steb 6 minutes ago ^Pulled an Eminem-8mile. If she went up against somebody ...

I Dont Like Remix [Song About RG Forum &Mods] Diss

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What does the RG community think of Pinata?

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It’s been a month or two since this near-masterpiece came out and I personally think it’s AOTY.

Mase says he wrote Big Ls best lines ah hell nawh :O

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QUOTE “Big L brought me on the scene and I used to rhyme with him…when they used to do records, God bl...

Any Artists need Professional Covers?

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Im a skilled graphic designer and can make you some good covers for a cheap price, whether it be for a...

Can I be the next NAS

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I just found this gem of a rapper

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I used to “study” at the same school as him.. (he’s 3 years younger than me tho) https://www.youtub...

Kendrick Lamar v Drake v 2 Chainz

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