Wu-massacre; worth buying? + thoughts

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dont hear much about it

Mashed potatoes are so underrated forreal

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Has anything significant dropped in 2014?

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Think about the albums we talk about on here. Think about all the “… albums / songs of 2k13”. I let th...

How bad is Chicago?

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Is it as bad they say?


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On Twitter BigGhost brought up a point I too have noticed. Lil wayne literally rapped about his curren...

I'm a fucking genius

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I’m about to sound like the worst person alive, but some people on my Facebook posted this picture ...

Future - I Won (feat. Yeezus)

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=i2VrxrGcWl8 don’t know if this has been poste...

#QRules Testimony: knowsQmuch

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This is my personal testimony for how #QRules makes me feel, and how it has made a better person. htt...

*NEW* Future - I Won (feat. Kanye West) MUSIC VIDEO

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Did yall like the old Mac Miller

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Like before he became influneced by odd future and madlib and shit. Like from kids to macadelic. When ...


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This revolution is some sad shit guys, honestly. Commenting “deleted” in every thread is immature and...

Lions, Tigers, and Bears...Oh my Rapgenius score might go down lol....

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Cake Batter rappers, without real chapters, bedtime honey…including you mr.mathers!

Locksmith WILL be mentioned with the greats

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He honestly should be, like, NOW! http://youtu.be/c_FWi4n-wVE http://youtu.be/eIHJf6wopJU

Sick of "instagram" Rapgenius style...what happened to people on here that listens to music?

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Where o where have the music fans gone, O where o where might they be, I’m tired of more emphasis on p...

What song/verse did it for you to say that rapper is in your top five?

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EXAMPLE: Ghostface Killah because of his verse on “Impossible”