Whos Dick Would You Suck

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Just to fuck their bitch.

Best Black Thought lines

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Agent Cody Banks Fucked Your Bitch and Kicked Your Ass

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Why isn't Justin Bieber pushing way more units out?

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He has more fans and followers than eminem,jayz & Drake combined,but his last album only sold 2.9 mil ...

Atheist rappers?

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t fucking make this a debate about religion, that’s not the point of this thread a...

Does DJ Khaled Do Anything Apart From Yelling?

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He doesn’t produce the music, but if you accuse him of doing nothing, DJ Khaled will get mad, turn int...

Goodbye yall

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Sup my rap genius ppl, decided to make this thread to announce the official departure of I. RG’s resid...

OVO v Slaughterhouse battle rap

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Who wins? TDE vs OVO?

Cracked Article Mentioning Big Boi: 4 Lesser-Known Halves of Music Duos Who Deserve Your Respect

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He didn’t have to tear 3 Stacks to shreds like that, but I’m glad someone out there is giving him his ...


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I like it. http://rapgenius.com/Migos-birds-lyrics http://youtu.be/b4gTClz50yE

Let's be honest thread

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Let’s be honest, if Black Hippy didn’t exist Kendrick and Jay Rock would be the only rappers that woul...

I Am the New Guy Around

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Comfirming for pizzain

Corniest lines of all time

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Post the most cringeworthy lines you know of! I’ll kick things off “Now I be schoolin them niggas Po...

Eminem Is The Dog Shit That Rap Mistook For Pudding

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Think about it. He wasn’t real at all, everything about him is fake. He is the only one that is allowe...

OT: Black people looking unimpressed

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