Best Eminem Cover Art

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the alternate MMLP cover Encore collectors edition cover Relapse Refill Cover Other R...

New euro Freestyle on Shook ones by Mobb deep

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Cool concept i found on Relapse by eminem.

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this is some crazy shit you all got to hear this concept i just thought up about this album by Eminem:...

Mac millers Red Dot Music Cover by Jonah and Ttam. Check it out

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Some of my buddies rapped over mac milers red dot music instrumental, check it out! https://www.youtu...

Drake on Jimmy Kimmel

4 posts latest by MBMIII an hour ago This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. lol Drak...

I feel like im

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Recently I’ve felt so different. I’m really hungry all the time, I feel a happy feeling in my stomach ...

Best lyricist in Hip-Hop?

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Who is the best lyricist in today’s era of Hip-Hop? Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T., Eminem, Lup...

Omfg matty b's world

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Kate Upton appreciation thread

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even though she’s lost her damn mind, lets appreciate her.

Experimental Beats

11 posts latest by Celestial Kid less than a minute ago Can I get some feedback on them. The first one above...

What is wrong with the moderators, downvoting every Annotations?

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I dont get it, about 3 Moderators downvoted my Annotations, even though they were all right, even the ...

11 year old Matty B "Juicy" Cover

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Should we look at IANAHB2 as a concept album?

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I mean after all, the entire album is about the concept and topic of fucking and getting your dick suc...

Think about this...

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Reggae is Jamaican music right? If 3 Jamaicans say one artist is GOAT and 30 Japanese say another one ...

I hate it had 2 be him

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