Young Money- Senile (Official Video)

22 posts latest by Bolly 2 hours ago Pretty cool vid..Nicki looking good

OT: You HAVE To Choose One....

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Top 5 Favorite Songs: Young Sinatra

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Prime All I do Stewie Griffin Addiction Juice

The venerable advice of a pimp named slickback

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Bitch get your ass in the car before your ‘sans biche’ behind goes to jail!


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Before there was Jay Z, Ja Rule, and DMX there were these three!!!

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This would of been the best collaborative album of the 90’s era Amen to that!

New Earl Snippet

9 posts latest by SavvyRJA 21 minutes ago Not much, but hype it sounds like he taking a step away from the ...

Lil Herb x Lil Bibby...

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When its come to Chicago’s Drill Music imo Lil Herb & Lil Bibby are in a League of their Own. There Fl...

Young Thug....

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What is this? I cant get Jiggy with this shit! Dude trying way to Hard to sound like Wayne & this song...

Rapper Names - Literal Icon

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Saw an agency did this with some rock band names, so I thought to create some ones with rap names. The...

Remix of 'Simple Song' by Prelow

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What’s good RG, I remixed one of my favorite tracks right now called Simple Song. https://soundcloud....

OT: This is Beautiful

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I need songs

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Let’s just say, someone has an illegal system, and I need Bass! ASAP

MsgToTheGrokʂ: ✉

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NEW MODERATOR! (@Certified Celebration Edition) Special Thanks To: @NASERISA @Barrk @MHealx @Doct...


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ACT II DROPPING THIS YEAR @Y2JKickss yes.— ℒℴѵℯJay ELECTRONICA (@JayElectronica) April 19, 2014