All Hail Carlton

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And so it begins… This is only the beqinniq! ☺ @Alpha-Q-Up

Bottom 5 at the moment

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I’d say Chief Keef Soulja Boy Young Thug Gucci Mane French Montana No particullar order What you think

(Video) Unboxing FUTURE ➥ "HONEST" Album

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FUTURE ✘ HONEST ➥ Unboxing : As part of our UNBOXING series, we take a look at the packaging & artwor...

Complex Releases 90 Greatest Rap Albums of the '90s list

24 posts latest by REALSTREETNIGGAAINTNOCHANGINGME 3 hours ago Illmatic — Nas The Chronic...

GOAT Drake & Kendrick Lamar songs?

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I’m more of a 90’s guy and both are arguably the best rappers today. What’s their best songs?

Camp Lo Discussion Thread

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Camp Lo was always a favorite group of mine, but I noticed they never really got any respect among the...

The Roots :"Kendrick may be the only rapper who can make meaningful music on a mainstream level"

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I now understand what people mean when they say 'Real Hip Hop'

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New J-Live "City To City" feat. Tanya Morgan

1 post latest by DilatedJunkie less than a minute ago From his new alb...

Rick Ross Is Rolling Stone's New Advice Columnist

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And he does a damn good job if I do say so myself (open in new tab to zoom if you can’t see it)

Pharoahe Monch breaking down "Bad MF" concept and inspiration

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I do not know if this has been posted yet, but since Monch just shared it on his facebook page, I gues...

It Was Written>Illmatic?

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How do you compare these 2 albums? Illmatic is most definitely my favorite album of all time, but IWW ...

2014 in Rap Music

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2014 genuinely has the making of a monstrous year in Hip-Hop, of course it all depends on who pushes t...

Are there any classics/great albums with mediocre or bad production?

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inb4 Eminem