Good kid, m.A.A.d. City - Illmatic

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Is Kendrick Lamar’s modern-day masterpiece good kid, m.A.A.d. City, this generation’s Illmatic I thin...

Not from pakistan but i stan paki

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The album that has r/hhh up in a rage. Mr.3 - Testimony [OUT NOW]

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4th project from prolific/life changing/panty filling Florida rapper Mr. 3 aka the Black Liz Lemon aka...

Definition of 2 Chainz "Skrrr"

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One of 2 Chainz signature lyrics is ‘skrrr’. Is there any meaning behind it or is it just so that you ...

OT: Rapper severs penis and jumps off building

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Yeezus favorite tracks poll

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I made a poll to find out what RG fam’s favorite tracks from Yeezus are.


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The Void is described as a story in relation to how the majority of children evolve to be in urban nei...

Forbes says Diddy is the wealthiest person in Hip-Hop by a large margin

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Forbes released its annual list of Hip-Hop’s wealthiest artists a day after tax day… Sean “Diddy” Co...

De La Soul to Release Smell The DA.I.S.Y. Instrumentals With Unreleased Dilla Beat

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Top 5 in the Rap Game? who is yours?

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who is the top 5 rappers in the game today? i wanna know everyones opinion.

"mods this, mods that"

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OT: a little game

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Underground British Rap Scene..

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I’ve seen a few threads on British rap, but y'all still sleepin' on the underground talent… http://www...

I'm real, I'm real, I'm really really real

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Future - Benz Friends (Whatchutola) feat. Andre 3000 - LINK

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