Is it just me??

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Or is the EAST COAST silent af these days. (When it comes to Hip-Hop) Ive lived on the East all my li...

If you could be one rapper for a day

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Which one would you be? Inb4 “Jay Z so I could fuck Beyoncé”

Here you go people

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THE most anticipated rap battle of the decade, please feel free to go ahead and bask in the epicness ...

POLL: Ranking Songs on GKMC

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Who wants to drop a verse on this?

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This was originally for the first RG Mixtape back in 2013 but the whole project flopped so I have this...

Tyga jumping off a building

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As the creator of Last.FM Fridays 2.0 said, Since we don’t have pages yet (#DEATH2THESCROLLING) it w...

Which pic looks better for a mixtape cover?

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Please note that I will edit the pics up and add titles to them later. Vote between these three pics:...

Best Gifs?

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3 posts latest by flashbackog less than a minute ago And maybe like on soundcloud? I’m new to making be...

Classic Old School Jay vs Reasonable Doubt Jay

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Question of the CENTURY

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Why the fuck…do Future and Kanye look so fucking awkward in this video?

HIDDEN HAND [EP] - Sevn Thomas (Instrumental)

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Have any of you heard this instrumental EP from 22 years old Toronto producer Sevn Thomas? I’m list...

Is Lil Wayne the inventor of this style of simile punchline?

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The style where the punch line is added to the end of a line after a slight pause. Its like saying a s...

Papoose: "Facts, Lyrically Jay Z Is Not on My Level"

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