OT: how did my IQ change

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i swear i was at 529 and now i just dropped 101 IQ. nobody deleted my tates or i didnt get a humongeou...

Is this song supposed to be on an upcoming album?

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Or is it just a single? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TOu7-KAl-0

Name of every "DIPSET" album

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Was He Right For That?

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So these two dudes in my homeroom were arguing over who is the better artist, Kanye or Eminem. (Funnie...

Out of Wayne, Kanye, and Drake. Who has done the most for rap?

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In terms of culture and being innovative. As much as I despise Drake, the guy has impacted rap, he’s m...

Producers, help me find samples like this fr

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0:30 (Not the migos sample, the flute sample) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqVjualyTpE and btw if...

Dizzy Wright "State Of Mind" EP

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Has anybody listened to it , yet? If so, how is it?

Is my friend's rap band actually pretty solid? - - ADDverse Effects + Oklahoma hip hop

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Hey everyone. For a while I’ve wondered what national-listeners would think about my friend’s band (A...


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I’m ok with hopsin, but does anyone else think he killed this? it might’ve been the piano melody thoht...

Droppin some more new songs for ya

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https://soundcloud.com/auburnhills/kid-gorgeous https://soundcloud.com/auburnhills/90s-bullshit I di...


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Are there any upcoming albums you’re excited about? I’m looking forward to L.O.R.D., and Earl sweatsh...

Why does this guy remind me of Chance and Curren$y

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Track By Track Breakdown of the GOAT Dico.

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I am offering help to those not blessed with the brain cells to understand Soulja’s intricate lyrical ...

Can you tell me songs like this one

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