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On Twitter BigGhost brought up a point I too have noticed. Lil wayne literally rapped about his curren...

Do you considered this Biting from another Artist?

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I was talking to a couple MC’s in my local area about there writing process and shit, and one of the g...

#QRules Testimony: knowsQmuch

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This is my personal testimony for how #QRules makes me feel, and how it has made a better person. htt...

EXCLUSIVE! tv-movie-genius Resident Pɾìѵąէҽ Trailer

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Copy/ Paste this @skoRG @tv-movie-genius Pass ☟ to this thread ☟

OT: I've spoken with one of the girls SDVG portrays as through Facebook.

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She’s a nice girl & only 21. You guys can delete this,but think real hard about how wrong you are to s...

Nancy Grace tweets out against marijuana, Seth Rogan responds

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Pakyed appreciation thread.

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From Pakyed: “somebody make a Pakyed appreciation thread and it will get bombarded. trust me” Lets jus...


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Has anyone seen him live? I just bought tickets to his concert with a couple of my friends and wonderi...

J Dilla feat. Frank-N-Dank "Anthem" (Cookin' Soul remix)

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I found out a long time ago that Childish Gambino got his name from a Wu-Tang name generator. I found ...

Thoughts on Eminem - Girls (Limp Bizkit Diss)

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The sad truth

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Would you rather....

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Die by being burned to death, frozen to death or buried alive? (Goodnight)

Good kid, m.A.A.d. City - Illmatic

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Is Kendrick Lamar’s modern-day masterpiece good kid, m.A.A.d. City, this generation’s Illmatic I thin...

Not from pakistan but i stan paki

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