Dream collabs?

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These are collabs that will most liekly never happen but post some DMX / lil wayne Nas / eminem Danny ...

Fast rapping, wayne

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ppl descredit wayne rapping fast, em rapped 100 words in a minute in rap god, but so did wayne in this...

New ChadAttack song doe you to listen to!

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Anyone last fm?

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If you got an account on last fm, I want some votes on some pics, please change the following if you ...

What artist/group really brought you into the rap/hip hop community?

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I’m still in my teens, but I grew up listening to classic rock bands. Around 12-13 my friend showed my...

Top 6 Boxers All Time

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Prince Naseem Hamed Bernard Hopkins Lennox Lewis Art Jimmerson Erik Morales Marco Antonio Barrera

Childish Gambino in the Live Lounge

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Gambino performed two tracks in the BBC Live Lounge, performing a great cover of PM Dawn’s “I’d Die Wi...

MF Doom....

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Always been a Fan of MF Doom but don’t know to many of his Songs, What are some of his Greatest/Best s...

Friday Movie

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Anybody who didn’t watch this should do it. Shits funny as hellhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZvxODObvxI

Female British rap artist describing her night out

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What’s the song called? Possibly a black artist. Something about his name pulsing/pulsating through h...

A-Trak and Lex Luger featuring Young Thug and Peewee Longway - Jack Tripper

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Greatest songs per artist

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Top 3 songs that best describe the message and style of the rapper. I’ll start: 1: It Was A Good D...

OT : What is your highest score on Flappy Bird ?

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I got f*ckin' addicted and my record is still 14 –__–

New Black Milk "Cold Day"

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http://soundcloud.com/blackmilksoundcloud/cold-day From his new EP Glitches in the Break dropping Mar...

Action Bronson Being A Badass Again....

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xat4yw7mJgA Bronson lights joint on stage; security tries to stop him;...