Best rap song to listen to for while your high?

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i like this

Anyone have this type of friend

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Who wants you to listen to all of their music, but are too selfish to even listen to yours? My friend ...


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Check out this lyrical onslaught from The Almighty SORS, a rising collective from Harlem, New York. ht...

OT: The internet is dead dude.

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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, I dont fucking understand Tumblr, and even the RG Forums are getting les...

Is this Freestyle any good?

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Is MBDTF overrated ?

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I mean, I have listened to this album many times, I liked it and I think it’s a good album. But when I...

Show of Hands...

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Does anyone on RG fucc with Jake Miller? Lol, I’m cuious.

Action Bronson shoves security guard after lighting up a blunt

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things just dont end for bronson

JUST-A-NIGGA! LMAO!!! Hilarious Justin Bieber rant. Watch this If you are having a bad day my fellow Rapgenius members.

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OT: Ironpants

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OT: Name Game

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I thought about the idea a few days ago and finally decided to put it up. So, here’s what you gotta do...

Duo you'd like to see do a " Watch the Throne" or "BME" type album

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I heard Drake and Wayne originally thought up that idea, I’m not buying it and at this point, I’m sick...

When Detox Drops....

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I know most of you probably disagree with me and think it will never come out but hear me out. IF Dre ...

I ghostwrite Nas' annotations

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you know he jackd dat

Re-launch of Illmatic

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