OT: White/yellow/purple hat memes

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We all know that there’s a bunch of people from each category of RG users that have similar habits. M...

Best Songs Off 2 Chainz - T.R.U. REALigion

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Most overrated rapper ever

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Eminem because he’s just an overrated sellout.

#TurnUp MC Crae x Mak Nikova - I Gotta

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https://soundcloud.com/mak-nikova/mc-crae-x-mak-nikova-i-gotta We just gotta!

OT: Dallas Mavericks will sweep the San Antonio Spurs

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Lets discuss this fact.


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Do my spanish work?

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dollar paypal for every question thats correct

I now understand what people mean when they say 'Real Hip Hop' (PART2)

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Yall know me 4/20 RG

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Last.fm Fridays 3.0

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As the creator of Last.FM Fridays 2.0 said, Since we don’t have pages yet (#DEATH2THESCROLLING) it w...

Recovery's Shit

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Excuse the ignorance but how is this album bad?? With the exception of a couple of songs I loved it. J...

Joey top 5

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Joey top 5 Joey top 5 Joey top 5 Joey top 5 Joey top 5 Joey top 5 Joey top 5 Joey top 5 Joey t...

Get well soon Craig Sager

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Craig Sager, aka the GOAT sideline reporter with GOAT suitgame, has been recently diagnosed with acute...

Features you would like to see on Eminem's new album?

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So Yelawolf said in an interview that him and Eminem both have solo albums coming out this year. What ...

Robot offers advice

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVOZeT2W6Bo heh