I need some bangers

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I need some shit I can bang too. I got playoffs coming up and need some ish that will make the locker ...

Jay-Z to teach Marketing at NYU!!!!

6 posts latest by cDboy 2 months ago

Check out the syllabushttp://therapinsider.com/2014/02/03/jay-z-to-teach-marketing-course/

O.T: Your favourite Joke?

7 posts latest by Slick69 2 months ago

Post your best joke you have heard or one you have heard recently that made you LOL.Hope to see some g...

Most underrated hip-hop group/duo?

18 posts latest by DocChakra 2 months ago

What rap groups do you think deserve more credit?

Genre Beef

16 posts latest by SpecimenAnderson 2 months ago

Has there ever been such a thing? I don’t necessarily mean beef between fans of a genre, but rather mu...

Would you rather?

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Yo guys would you guys like ( hypothetically speaking ) be a famous rapper but bad at rapping (bad lyr...

Major Lazer featuring Pharrell Williams - Aerosol Can

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https://soundcloud.com/majorlazer/major-lazer-aerosol-can-feat The Soundcloud link hasn’t been workin...

Best Action Bronson Food Lines?

4 posts latest by PlatanoPeddler 2 months ago

“ Rims spin just like spaghetti on the pasta fork” -Godfather 4

Female Celebrity Crush?

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Who are you guys' celebrity crush? Mine is Gabrielle Union.

Rank the Game's Album

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My order The Documentary Jesus Piece Doctor Advocate The R.E.D Album LAX

January Projects, Whitehat Help

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Yo guys, two of big projects dropped this month and it would be a great time with all the focus on the...

I dont listin to the radio much & i am trying to get back into it.

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someebody please put me on with some good stations

Rakim's New Album Will Have Pharrell, Premo ( And Maybe Timbland) Producing.

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In an interview tih XXL mag from the summer. “I’m working on an album right now. It feels good. I fee...


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http://www.rap-up.com/2014/02/03/tracklisting-schoolboy-q-oxymoron/ “Gangsta” “Los Awesome” (feat. J...

What in the Fuck?

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So dipshit Zimmerman agrees to do a celebrity boxing match?! And they want to box Game?! Do they not u...