New D-Boss video from Rap Genius Hq!

2 posts latest by Flashinglights 2 months ago Check out this new vid —> shows the Rap Genius office duri...


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Who wants to remix a track with me

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I want like four or five aritst to get on a track with me,a track like Drake Trophies?

I Can by Nas still inspiring people.

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Because as a Nas stan I feel morally obligated to post this.

Smartest and Dumbest Rappers

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Smartest Dumbest ADD MORE

Early 2000's rap album suggestions

23 posts latest by Johnathan juliano 2 months ago

Don’t say obvious ones I know what the Fucking Eminem Show is lmao

Words From Rakim

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Regardless of where you’re from, it’s where you at. Like if people… use a crutch as far as, they ain’t...

No love for R. Kelly in this bitch?

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Lets take a minute to salute the king of RnB https://www...

Can you seperate Music/Artist?

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Lets say you’re a fan of Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick drops a classic album in 2014, and then he goes on ...

Does Dr.Dre write his own lyrics?

14 posts latest by Jergnome 2 months ago

Hes pretty much a producer but does he write his own lyrics or does he get help like on song “forgot ...

Anyone willing to look at my annotations?

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just the last 3-5 and Feedback on them as well.

Best 2PAC Album

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I was arguing with my friend yesterday, he said All Eyez On Me is his best album, but I think Me Again...

WTF Does THUG LIFE really mean?

19 posts latest by OGRCE 2 months ago

I know its not being a thug(criminal).Is it something to do with being an underachiever.Or someone who...

Favorite Song From Each Of The Wu Tang Members?

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mine Method Man — Bring The Pain Raekwon — Guilotine Ghostface Killah — Iron Maiden GZA — Duel Of ...


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