New Black Milk "Cold Day"

1 post latest by DilatedJunkie 2 months ago From his new EP Glitches in the Break dropping Mar...

Action Bronson Being A Badass Again....

14 posts latest by LuzIDStan 2 months ago Bronson lights joint on stage; security tries to stop him;...

Preview of New Song Im working on

4 posts latest by reflectioneternal 2 months ago

I was writing this new song, and spit it acpella just to get some thoughts, ima delete later, its abou...

The College Dropout 10 year anniversary

2 posts latest by 50ShadesOfGay 2 months ago

In 5 days, the College Dropout turns 10. Any thoughts about this? This album is my favorite by Kanye a...

What songs should I keep on my ipod?

30 posts latest by @TheNewAge3695 2 months ago

I’m gonna start redoing my playlist because I’ve been adding a lot of songs but never deleting the one...

@KingSoulo @Marko1596 collaboration

5 posts latest by @TheNewAge3695 2 months ago

I introduced this site to @KingSoulo and we’ve been good friends for a long time. He’s been doing a fe...


12 posts latest by ChiddyShadyFiasco 2 months ago


Rg skype

13 posts latest by TheKanyeStanFam 2 months ago

Yo, leave your username here and ill add you to the RG official skype call, MY USERNAME IS “RAWKAMY”


21 posts latest by Bird Soup 2 months ago

So a buddy of mine’s college had to vote for which artist comes to there school. It was between Kendri...

Earl Budden,

5 posts latest by reflectioneternal 2 months ago

Ashley all day - lean

14 posts latest by The-_-B0Y 2 months ago

Looking for some new songs anyone?

7 posts latest by BlackPhan 2 months ago

What happened to the dancing side of Hip Hop?

29 posts latest by BayBiz 2 months ago

Seems like it’s alive and kickin' in France My favorite battle dancer, Mufasa:

Rank your favorite rappers Discog.

34 posts latest by RDouble 2 months ago

lil wayne :No ceilings Da drought 3 Dedication 2 Carter III LFLS Carter II The leak Guerrilla Warfare ...

Deepest Kendrick Song

9 posts latest by A1_Day 2 months ago