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Don’t be afraid to share your music & lyrics, send link to videos, soundcloud tracks, network & conver...

Favorite Tracks On Jesus Piece

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My favorite h...

Mf doom/ doom\ wut?

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hey guys, maybe i am confused or i’ve misunderstood something, but what’s up with the doom shit? i mea...

R.A. The Rugged Man - Still Get Through The Day (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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Pharaohe Monche vs MF Doom?

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Who is the better rhymer?

2 Chainz's B.O.A.T.S. III On the Way!

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Workin on B.O.A.T.S III— Tity Boi (2 Chainz) (@2chainz) February 4, 2014 As much as I love artist...

Nas Illmatic 20th Anniversary Release and New Movie !!!

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Rugrats for @D.R.C's Rugged Ass

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Top 5 Priest Holmes Top 5 Lists All Time

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1.Top 5 Goaltenders All Time 2.Top 5 Coaches All Time 3.Top 5 Wide Receivers All Time 4.Top 5 Boxers A...

What do you think of the OG Bobby Johnson song?

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(Video Interview) PUSHA T On "King Push" Status, Macklemore VS. Kendrick

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Peace, Pusha T x Montreality Interview In this Interview w...

10 Albums to Look Forward to in 2014

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Yo! Peep the Rock Genius piece on 2014 Albums To Look Forward to in 2014! Written by our Editors. One ...

To Sing or Not To Sing

10 posts latest by Marcus-Jamal 2 months ago I’ve asked this question before couldn’t find the thread to...

Wondering if this is worth recording

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wrote this a while ago. lmk what you think lyrically i guess. The games missin soul, im here to fill ...

Action Bronson throws fan off stage in Seattle #SMSaudio

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