Creating a Rap Name

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Hi anybody who cares. The title is self explanatory. In my raps I put creativity into them, but as fo...

Bruh looks like a Berenstain Bear lmfao

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Looking for any new rap. Old/New.

12 posts latest by Johnathan juliano 3 months ago

I’m looking for new music to listen to. Give me your favorite artist, album, mixtape, or anything. Jus...

What are you listening to right now?

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Always gets me in my feelings…

The 2 things that control the world in 1 pic

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Discuss, very deeply

Get ready to laugh at these lost souls (Friendzone central)

89 posts latest by Messages 3 months ago More to come.

Rap Genius Grammys 2014 Results

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Thank you for voting in the Rap Genius 2014 Grammys! The results are in and they are: BEST RAP SONG ...

Best Beat Flips

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Problem with rg

16 posts latest by HMN 3 months ago

why the fuck does rap genius not know what a banger is? this is been on problem on the forum for a min...

Most Overrated Albums of all time

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Just tell me some overrated albums.


7 posts latest by J Trauma 3 months ago

yo man i was just chillin celebrating my 800 iq and some hackers brought me down to 772 bruh (aint too...

Worst verse ever?

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for me it is a tie between Soulja boy on Trigger finger <<<< good song till he comes in. and Rick ross...

Most underrated rappers

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in my opinion you have to throw immortal technique in there, what about you?

2009: Best year for mixtapes?

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Complex said this in a video, and while the guy in the video explained it poorly, it’s an interesting ...

Why do you like Lil Wayne?

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Garbage voice, all he raps about is sex and money, he giggles like a faggt, his punchlines suck, he lo...