Is this where the party's at?

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Shoutouts to @Leverag

Satellite Flight (Prelude to MOTM3) What to expect.

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Scott Mescudi announced the EP (now an album) towards the end of 2013. Since then many things have hap...

ITT: We Post Naked Pictures

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Last Track releasing off of Cruz Control!

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Hey y'all, this will be the last track I’m releasing early off of Cruz Control. Mixtape is out Feb. 19...

Can you answer me a question?

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Me and this girl have been friends for a while now. I had feelings for her from near the beginning and...

Who can make a dope mixtape cover?

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looking for a mixtape cover

Jay-Z Fans Thoughts on This Video

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I saw @realnigganonamechange post this on @ChicagoFan ’s thread (which can be found in the link below)...

Diss a rapper!

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Have you ever thought of a cool diss you would say to a famous rapper if you were in a hypothetical ra...

Your top 5 favorite producers?

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I’m trying to discover my sound as an aspiring hip hop artist so if anyone could name their top 5 prod...

Best Punchlines by Biggie

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What is your favorite punchline he has ever said. Mine is either… “All it’s taking, is some marijuana...

OT: why america why (zimmerman)

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This particular issue aint got anything to do with race or whatever. But my question is, why is zimmer...

Why don't you like Macklemore

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Aside from the Grammys, The Heist and his lack of originality.

OT: Best Pokemon game of all time?

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Pokemon games were the pinnacle of most of our childhoods. Which pokemon game did you love the most an...

Free Mixtape Cover Designer

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As some may know, I began making mixtape covers yesterday. Here’s my newest: If anyone here, from ...

NIGGAS PLEASE STOP with these W.O.A.T. hip-hop music videos.

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I understand everybody is trying to come up on a budget, but JESUS CHRIST…can y'all niggas stop with…....