Link me some Flying Lotus

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want to learn more about him and his beats

Crooked I OFF THE TOP SKEE Freestyle (NEW)

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Lupe Fiasco Opening Act For Jay Z (Classic)

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A lil throwback.

Should We?

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I was just thinking on how kendrick killed big sean on control. Much like Eminem did to Jay-Z on Reneg...

ChadAttack - Here March 3rd.

9 posts latest by ChadAttack 3 months ago My project “Arrival” drops March 3rd.

Freddy Mummix - Stop Talking (Ft. zorenLo) MUSIC VIDEO

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Wattup nigguhhssss, I just dropped a new music video so check it out

Who here likes LOGIC? :D

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My fav right now :)

The word "classic" gets thrown around too much... IMO.

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What’s makes an album a classic to you?

Who Wanna Do Some Frogs With Me!!!

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Yeah, lets like some toads people!!!

Best impression ever?

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I know you’ve probably already seen this, but it never ceases to amaze me

Nas vs. Ice Cube

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So me and my cousin got in a debate about who is better between the too Someone help this nigga out


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I’ve heard a couple songs by him, and I want to know which albums I should check out. Thanks

Kendrick firin #shots at Macklemore

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