Back with another question

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Do people actually hit you guys up to post there lyrics up on here or do you do it willing by yourself...

Make a fictional rap soundtrack for a movie of your liking

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I’d post this in Movie Genius but its not really OT and I don’t want this thread to die young. Use rap...

OT: Dark Humor!!!

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Topaz Jones

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A few months ago I was on Rap Radar and I saw someone post a comment for a rapper named Topaz Jones, n...

OT: Superpower

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what super power would you like. I would choose the manipulation of time. I could become the greatest ...

Should Nas perform Ether live but change the lyrics so that it disses the industry and reasons why rappers sell out?

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or should he just let it stay ded?

Why doesn't Eminem rap like he did on "Don't front", "Evil twin" or "Wicked ways"?

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That’s the Eminem we want. Well, I want the Eminem from MMLP or TES, but that’s not gonna happen. At l...

OT: Obama's State of the Union Address Discussion

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Why does Obama want to raise the minimum wage? The poverty line in the U.S for a single person is $11,...

This is an apology to laayla

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Sorry for bein so mean but I’m just saying that it might have been one of your mistakes that u didn’t ...

In need of tech support

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So my 160gb iPod Classic has been working fine until about 10 minutes ago. It ejected itself from my c...

Anybody part of an ameteur rap group

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Cus I am it’s called FDP look it up on this website

Can/How do you get access to the forums on the Rap Genius App?

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Best Ab-Soul Songs

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SOULO HO3 I’ve been getting more and more into Ab-Soul and I only heard “Control System”. What are so...

J Cole vs. Nas

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no bias but i say this is better Than this

Whose better drake or lil wayne

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who u think is gonna be rememberd 4 being better