Bronsolini is down. I repeat Bronsolini is down!!!

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Action Bronson throws a midget off stage

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Are most rap lyricst written in board meetings?

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This is an article from a guy named Spoose ,a one-hit wonder rapper he details his experience with uni...

Open pls

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hahahaha check out the mixtape hhahahhahahahahahahhaha oh god

Albums that would make the best EPs

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RULES: Must be 5-7 tracks long IMO: Tyler, The Creator WOLF Jamba Awkward Colossus Rusty 48 IFHY B...


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The fight got cancelled between Zimmerman and DMX has been cancelled

What makes a freestyle a freestyle?

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Like most of you (should) know, most freestlyes are just prewrittens. Should that even be counted? It’...

Upcoming mixtape sample

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Sup rap genius, haven’t posted anything here in awhile (Old Account:220) Mixtape is the works couple o...

So I tried to make a beat for the first time...

16 posts latest by CeQuenCe 2 months ago This is what I came out with in like an hour lol. I dont thi...

OT: Omar Little vs Walter White

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same rules as the other threads about tv character vs tv character Omar Little is better? or Wa...

LordGio X The New Gods - "Trip"

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Hopefully the first of many… Prod. by LordGio X The New ...

Is Acid Rap The Most Motivational Project Since College Dropout?

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Was just thinking like damn…what you guys think?

Mase wanted to beat the fuck outta j.cole

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Lolz. mase caught up feelings nd wanted to knock j.cole out. “Am too grown to be knocking out white sk...

Reasonable Doubt vs It's Dark and Hell Is Hot

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Reasonable Doubt (Jay-Z) Vs. It’s Dark and Hell Is Hothtt...

Debate Tournament Press Conference

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Spectators ask anything. Contenders trash talk! @RAGERDAMENACE — Ready To Die VS @F0E — All Eyez On M...