Do The Cha Cha Slide

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clap clap clap clap yo hands

Am I the only one?

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Who thinks Infinite is underrated as fuck? Infinite is the ...

Kendrick lamar stay winning

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Kendrick lamar spotify sales increase by 95% after the grammy Macklemore saw on 65% increase

March 3rd.

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Hello everyone I have been working hard on my Debut project “Arrival” and will be dropping it March 3r...

Am I the only one who likes In My Mind by Pharrell?

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I liked this album to be honest. Fire ass beats and even though Pharrell’s rapping kind of sucks Produ...

I know I'm late but what are Joey Bada$$'s best songs?

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Ok so I want to start checking him out to see if he is good or not. Also what’s his best album/mixtape...


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Rakim apparently got help from fans with the lyrics,anybody know which bars? Still dope shit btwhttp:/...


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Aye, wassup y'all! Vote for me to be accepted for the Unsigned Tour. Great opportunity for me to get o...

Frank Ocean Album Tracklist Leaked

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Kanye West Settles Assault Case

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So the kid that got the shit smacked of him by Ye for calling Kim a “nigger loving slut” got ¼ of a mi...

The Florida Man Thread

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Post your favorite mashup/remix albums

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Mine: The Grey Album

Favorite track off of MMLP2?

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I have a 3 way tie between Evil Twin, Don’t Front, and Rap God. Honorable mention to Love Game)

CNN & Huffingtonpost talk about The Grammys and Racism.

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Full video will be uploaded later tonight


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Can you guys check out my mixtape and give me some feedback? I try to make universal hip hop … and bri...