Quit shooting down opnions

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Everybody has different opnions… cool You can argue about them to make points, but take something from...

Underachievers releasing new album, The Cellar Door, by April

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Our new album, #TheCellarDoor, will release between now and April.— Sarayu (@ISSA_GOLD) January 28, 20...

The Wolf Trilogy

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I seem to see people giving conflicting accounts of this so I’d like to settle this once and for all. ...

OT: FitnessGenius

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Good idea

How exactly did 808s and Heartbreaks influence the game?

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I see a lot of people (maybe its a coincidence but usually it’s backpackers) trying to validate 808s g...

Some great classic hip-hop songs

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Can somebody please name some great classic hip-hop songs? Don’t enter hundreds of songs just 5-6. Esp...

Anyone else miss Eyedea?

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I don’t know what, but for some reason I started watching his stuff on youtube. He was great. Gone too...

OT: aderall

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If Tupac is Goku....

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Who is everybody else? I know some of yall gone wanna say Biggie is Majin Buu just becuz of their phy...

Opinions on this verse

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I dont rap but I recorded this on my phone today waiting at the airport with an app called the booth ...

Opinions on Drake?

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Im going to start off by saying this isnt a thread to hate on Drake and i try to stay as open minded a...

Is MMLP2 worth a listen?

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Yes, I am late to the party, yes this is kinda embarrasing. I haven’t listened to it yet. I’ve only he...

Back with another question

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Do people actually hit you guys up to post there lyrics up on here or do you do it willing by yourself...

Make a fictional rap soundtrack for a movie of your liking

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I’d post this in Movie Genius but its not really OT and I don’t want this thread to die young. Use rap...

OT: Dark Humor!!!

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