If you had to compare rappers to Biblical characters who would be who, and why?

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I been thinking about this recently and it’s just perfect in my head. 2pac is Moses/David, he’s like ...

FREESTYLE OVER DMX.......come on guys give me feedback

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What u think???? http://youtu.be/3exdwlT6vcs

Is Rap God Now The most viewed song on Rap Genius?

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It just passed 5 mill…and counting http://rapgenius.com/Eminem-rap-god-lyrics

Childish Gambino Mental Issues

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Does anyone else think that Gambino might be mentally fucked up? He went from such a fun album(Camp) t...

This nigga KRs One

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the nigga dreads havent grown since the 90s

Earl sweatshirts channels his inner Joe Budden for this pic

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Nigga even got the jeans jackethttps://twitter.com/Alchemist/status/431083081340952577/photo/1#

Noisey: "Chiraq" episodes 2 & 3

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Fuck I didn’t even see that the 2nd episode was uploaded and the 3rd was just uploaded today I think: ...

New music video

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check it if you haven’t yet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjQlgHDjbZ8

Two members of Shabazz Palaces form new group and they're releasing an album

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The group’s called Chimurenga Renaissance The members are Baba Maraire and Palaceer Lazaro The album...

Concept Instrumental Album

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I recently made a concept instrumental album, if y'all feel like giving it a listen or some feedback, ...

Dear All Mods

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Yeezy taught me

Have y'all heard of Yeezianity?

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Your overall opinion on Earl Sweatshirt

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I used to really like his music, but I just recently stopped finding any interest in him because I hat...

The Real Man Of The Year

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Da Gawd http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yofUF43CJ9U&feature=kp

Aint sht to do, so just gonna type, whoever wants to read

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Sleep Pattern is faulty. I woke up at 11 Pm, and there is nothing to do, nowhere to go, at around 6-7 ...