You guys should really check out a new song I made

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It is called publicly unknown by Big Boy G

WHY!!!! How is this possible

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Ok ok Macklemore is a fucking genius, he makes wack music, he is gimmick and ect… but he is a fucking ...

Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip featuring Lil Wayne & Kanye West - Thank You [Music Video]

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Few Verses Ive writen some Ive posted some new, Thinking about recording just waiting on to get some E...

Chick has an amazing knee that looks like Kanye.

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(Kinda OT) DJ Plug: Funny videos edition

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Prepare your playlists Am bored and looking for a laugh so I’m starting a new DJ Plug but this one is ...

Such irony..

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chance isnt even a fkin rapper lmao if drake isnt a rapper, what makes you think chance is one lmao...

Does anyone know how to post a pic on forums

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need help

6 ways Kendrick could top his performance at grammys.

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i just read this awesome article. i agree with the author!

Artists (from different genres) you wanna see collab?

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Who are two (or more) artists from SEPARATE genres that you would like to see collaborate on a single ...

Song game?

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lets get it. rate the song that the previous person posted!!!

Best outkast album?

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okay so I’ve never been a huge fan heard three songs: Hey ya, Hollywood divorce and The return of the ...

Isaiah Rashad - Cilvia Just Leaked

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Can’t wait to listen, dl'ing right now, so who is actually gonna buy it? Expectations? i’m thinking it...

Kirko Bangz Ft. Yo Gotti & YG - Hoe

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shit is fire…these guys comin thru with a banger


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Hello Rap Genius, I am about to start a crew on this website. This thread you see right here, do you ...