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It should be “ you know there’s rules that you follow when the them tools get to hallow point”

"The "Actual" Rod!" (Maboo – Rod Update) | pending

yo wtf is wrong with you u literally went on each and every change ive mad and put it down your a retard hop off my dick

Also niggas talk more then bitches like more then just about bitches as everyone thinks that’s all drake talks about

"And when she's butt-naked, she's dressed to kill" (Lil Wayne – Pussy Money Weed) | rejected

Play on the term but naked and dress to kill cause when you naked ur not dressed

Is song is a lyrical masterpiece and people say he can’t storytell

THis song is a masterpiece of deep emotional feelings defintley a mood changer

"Angel dust" (Lil Wayne – Fly In) | rejected

Also wordplay on the angel on his shoulders and angel dust

this has to be waynes best verse of the past year

i keep trying to listen harder is it high love an emotion or hot love an emotion

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