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vatos es mexican/latino gangsters. ellos llevan tattoos because ellos es gangsters

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"FN on me and I got an extra clip" (Waka Flocka Flame – Ice Cream Cone) | pending

no its not. its after the brand fn herstal. it could be any of the guns(scar l, scar h, f2000, etc.)

"Cali coat" (Waka Flocka Flame – Ice Cream Cone) | pending

most likely waka wouldnt know shit about a calico. its a shitty gun anyways. probably saying cali coke.

someones straight g. should i give a fuck if you were getting high everyday?

"This girl want me she constantly taunt me" (Kreayshawn – Bumpin' Bumpin') | rejected

what he just said tard

"Rockin' in the club, catch me on an elephant" (Kreayshawn – Bumpin' Bumpin') | pending

preety sure elphants are either, lsd, weed or ectasy. not related at all to dumbo

did u kno the opening cresendo is the same as one of the songs in the musical?

"Hop up like the sand man right behind ya" (DMX – I Don't Dance) | pending

its not wrong but it does ref to the comic book sandman

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