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Wale I have never heard of you. But I listend to your latest album it blew me away. Please stay in da game of good music, dont let the game play you. Iknow you have rights to your music as a writer and rapper, make sure that you get paid and are not another Ray Charles being robbed of royalities and muusic. May God bless you and you begin to bless other young people that wanna be in the music
Game also. In other words its good you are getting fame but change the game and
give back some of the love baby, Love Ladyc62 from Cali

"[Produced by Wale]" (Wale – Simple Man) | pending

dem bricks will get you laid, dem bricks aint no good dem bricks from da hood!

Dem bricks gonna break you down and break yo back!! Cause dem bricks be like that!!

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