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  • Lorde – Team
  • “Team” is the third single for Lorde’s debut LP. It’s a bittersweet, dreamy track with a beat that further criticizes the glamor depicted in “Royals” through a fantasy world
  • Lady Gaga – G.U.Y. (Girl Under You)
  • “G.U.Y. (Girl Under You)” is a power-bottom anthem. It was one of the first tracks to be recorded for the album. “Any kind of feminist has valid views for herself about what it
  • Lady Gaga – Donatella
  • https://twitter.com/ladygaga/status/389441376586199040 “'Donatella' is an incredible crazy fun pop song with really raising electronic beats that I did with Zedd. It’s about being
  • Lady Gaga – Mary Jane Holland
  • “Mary Jane Holland” compares marijuana to a lady that’s might be up for a drug-filled threesome. Or that’s at least the surface meaning
  • Lady Gaga – Fashion!
  • “Fashion!” is about the love of transformation. To Gaga, fashion is more than just dressing up, it’s a vehicle for transforming. Fashion leaves Gaga feeling “on top of the world”
  • Demi Lovato – Neon Lights
  • “Neon Lights” is a track off of Demi Lovato’s demi-self-titled album, Demi. It’s one of the more electro-pop-influenced songs, and it’s a simple two-prong love song. It
  • Shakira – La La La (World Cup 2014)
  • “La La La” is the repurposed version of Dare (La La La) for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Instead of being a love song, it’s an anthem proclaiming Brazil’s greatness, and calling

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