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Popular Songs tagged “Indie Pop”

  • Lorde – Team
  • “Team” is the third single for Lorde’s debut LP. It’s a bittersweet, dreamy track with a beat that further criticizes the glamor depicted in “Royals” through a fantasy world
  • Lorde – No Better
  • The new single from Lorde, No Better
  • Foxes – Youth
  • “Youth” is a calm, nostalgic tune about embracing what’s left of one’s youth. It’s currently not associated with an album
  • Foxes – Let Go For Tonight
  • “Let Go For Tonight” is a single leading into Foxes debut album, Glorious. It’s about disregarding your worries and just enjoying the moment with your love
  • Amy Macdonald – This Is The Life
  • The title track of Amy MacDonald’s debut album where she sings about having a good night out with her friends
  • Foxes – Echo
  • Foxes – Beauty Queen
  • “Beauty Queen” is one of two singles released by Foxes in 2013, the other one being Youth