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The drug trade has led Bun B’s to life standard rise considerably. It resulted in increased wealth for him while demanding little effort at this stage due to his various efforts of protecting himself from criminal persecution and elaborate and extensive organization which is the topic at the end of his verse. Even though he highly benefits from selling crack he is aware of the damage this drug does and compares it to an allurement of the devil.

While it is possible that like Aloe Vera lotion refers to the first part of the line it might also be attributed to I’m selling rock in order to depict his nonchalance in regards of selling drugs. This aspect is later addressed in the begging of the final verse.

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The ancient Roman poet The ancient Roman poet Horace demanded that a typical drama is divided into five acts. This division was then often utilized by French poets such as Racine or Corneille during the era of the Renaissance

These acts mainly overlap with the verse in this song even though some acts expand further than one verse which I’ll cover later:

The first verse is the exposition and serves:

  • introduction of characters

  • supply of the audience with background information

  • foreshadowing of the dramatic conflict

Bun B meets every single on of the three criteria. He states the time, introduces himself and what he does and provides material that could be relevant for the dramatic conflict.

The second verse, delivered by Pimp C, assumes the function of the rising action. The story line starts to develop and begins to build towards the climax in the following verse. The content of the rising action is very import for the further continuation of the story as the other 3 acts highly depend on it in terms of plot development.

Verse number three is the climax. It is the turning point of narrative and often changes the protagonist’s fate to the opposite. In this case things start to turn Pimp C’s disadvantage (“Now all them laws won’t leave me alone”).

During the fourth verse the falling action takes place. The plot of the story is slowing down and the final act is close.

The fifth verse is the catastrophe. The protagonist is worse off than to the beginning of the story (Pimp C faces criminal conviction and life in prison.

As I mentioned earlier the distinction between the verse and the corresponding verse is not very clear. Furthermore the Climax and Falling Action coincide for the most time.

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This last line is the ending of this narrative but also the start for a new one. It reveals that drug dealing is a circular flow that virtually never stands still.

It can also be seen as critique of the system in the US that deals with incarcerated persons as Bun B states that he started dealing drugs as soon as he was released from prison. While prison usually serves the purpose of re-socializing inmates and showing them a way of living that doesn’t involve crimes the American prison offer nothing of value and furthermore are absurdly overpopulated as a result of highly controversial political measures and force people back into crime due to the lack of perspective they receive while experiencing incaceration.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxNiNv97ZdM More about this topic on rapgenius:

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Bun B helps out a couple of his friends financially so their income is big enough for them to not obtain their money by robbing. They now are employed in his organization that apparently has similarities to that of the Italian Mafia and serve the purpose of dealing drugs. This step further increases the success of his of his undertakings.
http://imgur.com/lRqFdBF It also is noteworthy that the pattern of mentioning the phrase
pocket full of stones is ,even though slightly altered, continued. It is encountered in every verse except the first verse delivered by Bun B and further emphasizes the motif of this song that is drugs this time also adding money.

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Black Caesar is the title of a 1973 movie. It revolves around a black kingpin in New York of the late seventies and early eighties portrayed by Fred Williamson.

Due to his increasing wealth Bun B would prefer it to be called Black Trump instead of Black Caesar. Donald Trump is a business magnate who became rich through real estate. As off March 2014 his net is worth 3.9 billion Us-Dollar. The mention of Donald Trump could also indicate the bank from earlier in the song is now pursuing an activity in the area of real estate to increase its wealth.

There is also an other way this line could interpreted. Bun B instead of referring to the fictional character character of Black Caesar refers to the Roman leader and dictator Gaius Julius Caesar in order to his picture his power and influence. In this context his preference for the name Black Trump probably as historical backgrounds as Caesar was responsible for the demise of the Roman Empire while Trump managed to keep his company flourishing.


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Pimp C’s revenues stemming from his work were so high that he started to launder his money. Money laundering serves the purpose of obfuscating the often illicit origin of money in order to spend it without attracting a great deal of attention especially when it comes to bigger amounts of money, destroy the money trail which could be used as evidence in a criminal investigation and protect the money which could be object to seizure. There are different methods of laundering dirty money that all follow roughly three steps.

  • Transferring money elsewhere i.e. a bank, company etc. in order to introduce it into the financial system also called Placement

  • The second step is disguising the source of the money through various means. This act is called layering

  • The final step is the Integration. After the origin of the money is no longer identifiable the criminal receives the money

The method in question here is a shell company, Pimp C uses a car detail shop (placement), that disguises the illegal money as income (layering) which pays the salary of workes (integration). The laundering is so profitable and successful that is redundant for Pimp C to deal with drugs himself therefore further reducing the risk of conviction.

As McNulty would call it Pimp C is now the bank.

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This chorus serves the purpose of reflecting the mentality that both Bun B and Pimp C display over the course of this song. The first line that is repeated twice after the initial mention conveys their focus on the trade with drugs and the resulting increasing wealth. The usage of the term pocket full is used to picture the abundance of drugs in their ownership.

The imaginary of full pockets is juxtaposed against the typical image of empty pockets that represent poverty therefore referring back to the begging of the song where Bun B depicts the modest start of his career.

The last line of the chorus is quite ambiguous as the they could either refer to the police or addicts who both are highly interested in him because of the quantity of drugs in his possession.

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Cole uses the metaphor of a picture frame to describe the sate of her relationship. The frame is irreparably damaged by a fall which let the glass holding the picture inside shatter. While it would possible for the two partners to fix the relationship (pick up the broken pieces of glass from the ground) she deems the relationship to be over.

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In this song every single one of the three performing artists depicts his way of life rich in detail.While the lives they lead may not be approved by the society they appreciate them.
The phrase You can be everything you please or variations there of are often associated with typical representatives of society and its values and morals i.e. teachers.

Considering the above this song also is somewhat boisterous and seditious in nature which perfectly matches the attitude of a teenager in school therefore.
This interpretation especially makes sense as Pusha’s description of his routine in school on the following song seems neither well-behaved nor upright:

Nigga, I was crack in the school zone
Two beepers on me, Starter jacket that was two toned
Four lockers, four different bitches got their mule on
Black Ferris Bueller, cutting school with his jewels on

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Casino states he is wholesaler as he sells large quantities ( a brick refers to a kilogram of a certain drug) of drugs.

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"The only rapper compared to Michael" (Kanye West – I Am a God) | accepted

From en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micheal

Michael /ˈmaɪkəl/ is a male given name that comes from the Hebrew: מִיכָאֵל / מיכאל‎ (Mīkhāʼēl, pronounced [miχaˈʔel]), derived from the question מי כאל mī kāʼēl) meaning “Who is like God?”[1]

This might also be considered for this annotation as Kanye West didn’t refrain from comparing himself to god lately.

"Ridin with 40 acres in a two door" (CyHi The Prynce – Mandela) | accepted

Acre is not a unit destined to measure weight.

"He killed ten thousand people" (Sufjan Stevens – John Wayne Gacy Jr.) | pending

He’d kill ten thousand people
This stanza further illustrates the brutality and immensity of his crimes and lets him look even more like an embodiment of the devil himself thus making the antithesis in the last hook even stronger.

"Collard Greens (feat. Kendrick Lamar)" (ScHoolboy Q – Oxymoron Tracklist) | rejected

“grammy robber, Macklemore”.
Haha nice

"Doing dirt, with the devil, chasing after the dust" (Lupe Fiasco – Real) | accepted

Dust also might refer to Angel Dust and considering that devil is mentioned prior to that this makes a nice antithesis.

s/t to whoever included me in the whitehat list

"And in my best behavior / I am really just like him / Loo..." (Sufjan Stevens – John Wayne Gacy Jr.) | pending

Sufjan Stevens is comparing himself with John Wayne Marcy fr. to show that it is simply in the nature of human beings to do bad. He begins these four stanzas with the words And in my best behavior followed by I’m really just like him. While Sufan Stevens presumably never killed a person or acted anything like [Pogo The Clown], therefore in his best behavior(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Wayne_Gacy), he surely has done bad things hence the resemblance to John Wayne Gacy. The last two stanzas of the wrap the song up hauntingly well. Gacy hid deads bodies in the crawl space under the floor boards in his house. Stevens compares the atrocity of Gacy to his mistake, both of them are buried beneath the surface of earth to not be discovered.

hi- nominative masculine of hic;haec, hoc = these
Fat- 3.person singular indicative present tense of fari = he speaks/says
tresi- this form does not exist but there is the numaral tres which means three
domine- vocative of dominus,-i

If this should be latin, and not any other romaine language, this sentence is faulty or I am too stupid to comprehend it and translate it (I´m currently in my 7th year of latin).

"Mfw & Tfw" (Rap Genius Editors – Rap Genius Dictionary) | accepted

.>tfw nobody pays respect to the feels man

"One microphone and a couple 12s / Six drum sounds and a c..." (Lupe Fiasco – Old School Love) | accepted


This refers to 12 inch vinyl records