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He puts up a front and in the past has shrugged off criticism as if it doesn’t affect him when in fact it does.

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2 am in the middle of the road, road
Thinkin' this should be the last stop

You walked out and left me here, alone with a fist full of tears

Ain’t that a bitch, cause me and Hop only thing
It’s taking over like Pinky and the Brain

"Can I dive, high, glide, by, try, get up!" (¡MAYDAY! – Last One Standing) | rejected

He says “Get it up”

"I've been writing for / 19 years or so" (Tech N9ne – Come Gangsta) | pending

He says “19 years for sure”

"They want it (want it), need it (need it), have it (have ..." (Hopsin – The Fiends Are Knocking) | rejected

He says “Gotta have it” (Have it)

It’s worth saying that Krizz has Bipolar so the medicine is probably for that

Also, it’s “Hospital bed”

I thought it was “What the hell does that have to do with my g’s” As in Grands

It says “to walk a narrows path in my jeans”