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Didn’t come home until 3AM so his “worried/paranoid/jealous” girl automatically thinks he’s cheating.

Btches be like, “Who you f*ckin' now?!”

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“Fall Back, it could all go bad” is the opposite approach of

Strike while the iron’s hot.

Kid is saying that he’s more than a “flash in a pan” and he understands that most rappers try futilely to

Get it while you here boy

and that these one hit wonders don’t last.

This may also be an indication how humble Ink is. I think it’s human nature to think that the floor will inevitably fall out from underneath our feet when things are going really well.

He may also maybe expressing that he’s not blowing ALL his money, because:

Look at MC Hammer for example…

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Line: “Psych ward is balling, go craze like no other” — I think the word “balling” is actually “calling”. Also, “craze” is actually “crazy”. Agree or disagree? Vote up or Vote Down. GTA5 — life REPO LLC

"This jam will lay scripted" (Tech N9ne – Fragile) | pending

I’m happy for you. You’ve been working for years and years, perfecting your craft, and you have many fans to show for it.

Some say, “real recognize real”, well, there’s a million+ of “real” out there recognizing you.

Enjoy the love, remember to laugh, and continue giving back.

Thank you.

"I'm whipping it, I triple it" (Chief Keef – Diamonds) | accepted

munzr23 :: he’s talkin' bout trippling the amount of product.

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