Since people wasn’t feeling the experimental track I posted, I want them to hear how I really sound on this self produced beat. Feel free to comment & be honest. I would appreciate it if you choose not to not use harsh comments.

August 1st, 2013
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August 1st, 2013

Thanks bro

August 1st, 2013
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its okay, nice beat and flow but not overly exciting or memorable

August 1st, 2013


Mr.Apollo, dat nigga everybody wanna follow
They say Barz, you the best, I just be like I know
I know this, you noticed that these other rappers bogus
Keep that Magic for the Birds, getcha jaw done (Jordan) like Hocus Pocus
Like hold this, holster like you suppose ta
Face on a wanted poster for all you posers
Im in that Rover, paint job like Mocha
And the kid burn bread, no toaster
Barz, no locksmith
I should be locked with the Locness
Im a monster, best synopsis
Toxic when I spit, hotter than the tropics
The topics top pick, top it or Ty picks
I let my tape rock till my tape pop
Put in so much work, defeat a boss then (Boston) leave him Red Sox
That’s just a nice nigga trait, when your raised in the hood & getting out is your fate
My hormones rose from hearing these hores moan
When I put it in I hear that “Gimmie more” groan
Purple Heart ready for that “Hit the door” tone
Cuz all is fair, in Ty’s Love & War Zone
I’m sick, call the doctor, tell em my temperature hotter
Went to flight school, tell niggas Im a scholar
My main girl a ten, ya bitch head couldn’t top her
Said she like girls, but even Penny couln’t cop her (Copper)
First,Scond,Third,4-5th for options
All these squares mad at son (Madison) better pray to God then (Garden)
Flavor in her ear can cause some concoctions
Hoes address Barz, that’s what they got in COMmon
Niggas is mad I get more butt, than ashtrays (No I didnt steal the line,I was praising Biggie)
Bring the hoes, to where a nigga cash stay
Burn bread, fuck Ashley where the ash lay
Act Meek with the Millz till I hear what the cast (Cass) say
I got mileage for a Minaj
With campus cheerleaders cheerleaders from a college collage
Challenge the Gods while I ride in the Dodge
And they pile in the lodge for a valid massage
You don’t but in work, so what you know about a boss?
Time is money, that’s why my watch got a cost
See my bezels, then they ask is it real (Israel)
They aint see this many jewels (Jews) in a trap since the Holocaust
These bitches piling, I love them, I’m lying
I blame the black bezels, I’m racial profiling
They love the rough riding, they said it’s exciting
Three hoes, want me to shape up. Im trying
One from Spain, she thick & she bajo
She said a nigga guapo, I told her I know
Poured more Moscato, she told me “Te amo"
Give grupo amor, so I call my SWOL Vatos
Deli full of delinquents in a sequence
Seeking whatever they could sink they teeth in
The way they pass the fire (Pacifier) you would think that they was teething
Both eyes open cuz looks are deceiving
The seed in, the flower of life’s wife is destiny
But our only destiny, is escaping deputies
Cuz our lives in jeopardy & they’ll take it pleasantly
The government stares (stairs) they just waiting to step to me
Im a thug till the gov come & off me
Or my enemies start to kill & exhaust me
Step inside 40/40 strapped with a 40
And a couple of real niggas saying that they riding for me
You niggas sweeter than, Mike & Ikes
My, mic & Nijes might strike the night
Strike a knight with spikes & pipes
And my lil niggas riding like all they bikes from tike
There’s only 2 things I fear when I go into battle
God & my shadow, asshole (S/O to Joe Buddens)
Higher than an astro, Im an animal, where the lasso?
When I draw guns, they call me hood Picasso
Nigga get smoked like tobacco
These bullets to ya chest from an Average Joe, just like Flacco
They said I fell off, but Im back tho
It’s funny how yall only in it, for deals (Fidels) like Castro

August 1st, 2013

@notatroll I just wanted people to realize I’m decent & not some random bullshit rapper. I love doing this

August 1st, 2013
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August 1st, 2013