Most Unbiased Review of Nothing Was The Same

First off, I think this album has been extremely misrepresented on this website, people calling it average. I think this album is slightly better than Take Care, which I consider classic, so lets get into this. Warning: Might have tons of grammar and spelling mistakes, wrote this in a short period.

Tuscan Leather

This track lyrically isn’t great, but Drake does his thing. He has some stellar memorable lines on here, and his flow is fantastic. I believe the production sets the tone for the album, which is downright mellow yet hopeful, which is basically the cover of this album. Drake reflecting on his past and trying to become more than just a high selling rapper. Anyway, love the sample, great track.


Furthest Thing

Here Drake reflects on how his life been over the time between Take Care and NWTS. Basically talking about how he has been living the lamish life style out of the public view, talking about spending money, and his old girlfriends. While you would expect this beat to be upbeat and braggadocios, but it isn’t, it’s self reflective and the production perfectly captures how lonely Drake is. Take Care was made because he was scared of becoming old and alone. The beat switches at the end and Drake gets into the more bragging type, but you can here resentment in Drake’s tone, which further employs the theme of the song. The track end with “This is the shit I want to go out to” which further exemplifies this is something that Drake would want everyone to know — Fame isn’t what it sets out to be, even though he built an empire.


Started From The Bottom

No need to go in depth, everyone has heard it, definition of a classic, listened to it well over two hundred times and I still get down to it.


Wu-Tang Forever

This further employs the theme of Furthest Thing. Drake is talking about a girlfriend in his past who used to tell him that she was his, and how ironically it compares to his rich lifestyle. The sample is brilliant. Remember, this song is called Wu-Tang forever because everyone is telling Drake that it is his, foreshadowing that he will have a legacy on rap like Wu-Tang, who arguably had the best rap album of all time. Drake drops a verse, talking about his life as a youngling and how he didn’t have to grow in the streets, but in a richer area of Toronto, and how he would go there for his friends. He also talks about Chris Brown being in the club pretending to be someone who he isn’t. Basically Drake is saying that everyone is telling him that the game is his, but he hasn’t set a legacy yet, and this album is supposed to be that.


Own It

This track reminds me of So Far Gone a lot production wise, a bit more experimental, but still it does. Drake is basically talking about the girl in the previous song that he left back home. She used to tell him that it was yours, but now Drake is telling him that he is hers. Brilliant. He is talking about how niggas talk more than bitches, which may be the reason he doesn’t have much successful relationships, because they want the pussy regardless of Drake’s feelings. this is why Drake says no new friends. Production is so deep and amazing.


Worst Behavior

The production is insane on this, maybe lyrically it doesn’t say much, and is a little bit repetitive, but grew on me like Started From The Bottom. Drake talks about how his father fucked his mom, left and left him “Motherfucker never loved us”. He is also talking about all of his haters, claiming they listened to him in Comeback Seasons, but they didn’t. Basically Drake is saying that he is on his worst behavior and makes his mom wish he was still the kid from Degrassi.


From Time

This song is incredible. Most people don’t like it, don’t know why. Jhene’s vocals are amazing, and she has a lot of emotion in her voice. The beat is so self reflective and deep. If you’ve ever been in a relationship you’ll understand this song, no need to explain it, just listen to it. Drake talks about his relationship with the game, his father, girls, family, and friends.


Hold On We’re Going Home

Like Started From The Bottom, you’ve heard this, and you love it. The production is awesome, even the Artic Monkeys covered it. This is classic, listened to it about 80 times and I still love it. Lyrically not deep, but Drake is talking about how good their relationship can be. Classic replay ability.



I really like this song, hated it at first, but love it. Drake is still talking about how his relationship can be, but the song feels a little bit unneccesary since the last two songs were about relationships. A little bit too repetitive too, but the production is amazing, and Drake’s voice is lushes. I love the way Drake describes his relationship Swanging, referring to the girl he has been referring to throughout the album. It’s good, but could’ve been cut and merged with a song like From Time and been an outro.


The Language

GOD, Drake’s Versace flow on this is incredible, I love how braggadocios it is. This song is better than Versace, and even better than “Backstreet Freestyle” from last year, which was braggadocios, but Drake does it so much better. The production is so hype, even though it’s not all in your face it makes you wanna slap someone. Drake even takes some shots at Kendrick, and belittles him in a couple of lines. Good track. Best on the album.


305 To My City

This track is appealing, but nothing anyone on this site can relate to. Unless you’re a stripper, why would Drake make a song by a stripper? Kinda like a sequel to Houstanlantavegas, just not good. This song is good, just not fitting for this album at all, beat bangs, but falls short.


Too Much

This track would’ve been the best Drake song on the album, let alone best Drake song in his discography. The only thing is I feel like this song felt short, and would’ve been a better outro for the album. Feels like a sequel to The Ride. I feel like the beat should’ve switched. Out of the songs that have beat changes, why not this one? And I love Sampha, god, heard his work with SBTKRT and his Dual EP and he is awesome. Fantastic track.


Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2

Pound Cake is good, just good. The beat is amazing, And Drake outdoes Jay-Z. Drake reflects on his times as he was young and how it got him to where he is. I love the CREAM sample too. I feel Jay-Z’s verse wasn’t that good. It wasn’t bad, just descent, it feels a little out of place. Hov has an awesome flow as always though. Paris Morton Music 2 is awesome, love the beat and Paris Morton Music is my favorite Drake song outside this album, so I was excited for this. Drake ends the main album on a good note. Also, love how Drake talks about how the girl, Paris, and he has been talking about all the album has kids and how he got signed. And how Nothing Was The Same. Brilliant

Pound Cake and Paris Morton Music 2
8.0 and 9.0

Bonus Tracks

Come Thru

This song is good, Drake talking about his old relationship again and how much he loved this girl, who is apparently named Paris. He is talking about his time in the studio. Track is decent, like the Aaliyah reference. Love the beat switch too.


All Me

You’ve heard it. Good track.


The Motion

Again, you’ve heard it, good track for bonus


OVERALL — 8.3%

Even though i’m a huge Drake fan, this is easily the most fair review on the site. Their may be tons of grammar errors as I wrote this in forty minutes but yeah, give it another listen, it grew on me, listened to it about twelve times. Thank you guys, bye. — IceKrunk

September 20th, 2013
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Out of what is out right now, Drake put out a more than solid album. In 2013 I’ll call it great.

September 20th, 2013

It’s supposed to be an 83% out of 100, just saying.

September 20th, 2013
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–“i’m a huge Drake fan"

pick one

September 20th, 2013

9.5/10 started from the bottom. You are 12, and it shows.

September 20th, 2013

somebody mod this kid

September 20th, 2013

5.0 on 305 to my City, which was easily top 5 on the album, for some (including myself) #1 or #2. One of the best instrumentals by far, not as complex as say Tuscan Leather, but a beauty track.

9.5 and 9.0 to SFTB and Just Hold On .. You are fucking high

September 20th, 2013

wrote this in a short period

Too easy

September 20th, 2013

Someone teach this guy what unbiased means

September 20th, 2013

You guys are taking this cereal?

September 20th, 2013

“Paris Morton Music is my favorite Drake song outside this album” lol?

“Too Much
This track would’ve been the best Drake song on the album, let alone best Drake song in his discography” nononononononononononononnononononono .. oh yeah no

“best rap album of all timez' — What? Wu-Tang had the best album of all time?

“definition of a classic” — No. Far from, actually.

September 20th, 2013

In class at the moment, I will go through and tell you how shitty your opinions are after.

-Mackiaveli out

September 20th, 2013

You spelled Biased wrong.


You spelled un-unbiased wrong

September 20th, 2013
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nothing anyone on this site can relate to


The song is about him respecting a stripper’s work ethic, and speaking as a strip club fanatic, I loooooove strippers and their hustle. I relate to this song more than any other song off NWTS which is why it’s my fav track. Of course I don’t talk to em the way Drake does tho:

They don’t work hard as you, damn that’s so crazy
Locker room full of money, girl you just did it

September 20th, 2013
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Jesus, bitch, your rating best be on a scale from 7 to 10, because Connect getting 7 points is bullshit. That’s the only song in any Drake album that I actually want to skip. It leads to The Language which is excellent, but Connect by itself is horrible.

And Started From The Bottom wasn’t that good when it came out, either. It’s just catchy. The rest I can agree with you but I wouldn’t give scores so high. Is this the IGN of rap? It shouldn’t be.

September 20th, 2013