Black Milk... Anybody ever heard of this guy?

just recently been shown a song by this guy… dope production, reminds me of something kanye would’ve done in his college dropout days

needledrop… the most pretentious motherfucker when it comes to rating albums (MBDTF and Life is good for eg.) gave his new album an 8/10…


November 18th, 2013
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He’s a great producer. Check out the Random Axe album.

November 18th, 2013

Well, his new album is pretty cool. I don’t know if i would gave an 8, but it’s definitely a cool album. He also have an album with Danny Brown and as @Lampz mentioned, the Random Axe, which is also pretty cool. You should check him out, most of his projects are solid, and he’s always making new music.

November 18th, 2013

Heard new album, was good. Need more listens to fully formulate my thoughts though, but I can say that Money Bags is my favorite song on it.

November 18th, 2013
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He sounds great, thanks for bringing him up, I will be sure to check out his stuff.

November 18th, 2013

Make sure to cop Album of the Year & Tronic
If you like his production check out The Preface by eLZhi

November 18th, 2013
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November 18th, 2013
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black milk is one of the best producers in detroit right now and he stepped his lyrical game 5 levels up with the new album… for a black milk fan like me it’s one of the 3-5 competitors for AOTY…

November 18th, 2013

Dope producer, decent rapper, down to earth person, good live performer. I think Tronic is his best album. I don’t know about the Kanye comparison but J. Dilla was a major influence on Milk.

November 18th, 2013
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Dat name tho.

For real I found my next rapper to listen to.

November 18th, 2013

His name has no meaning. He just chose it because he thought it would stick out.

November 18th, 2013
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One of my new favourite producers and also a good rapper, in a interview Danny Brown said that if BM wanted he could have being big in the mainstream, but he hates it, so it’s a shame. I think that would mean that he has a lot of potential.

His new album is dope.

November 18th, 2013
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Best out of Detroit in a minute

November 18th, 2013
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one of my favoite blak milk songs

November 18th, 2013
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Black Milk is one of the most underrated artists in Hip-Hop. This is my fave song from him, from my favorite album of his.
Tronic is a solid 9/10.

November 18th, 2013