How did you find this site

I joined because I’m an aspiring artist and I wanted to share my works with u nikkas. however, eye never got around to it, cos I know how these forums here kinda like to clown rg rappers.So I just be wasting my time trolling.



December 2nd, 2013
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December 2nd, 2013
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I was looking up Lollipop by Lil Wayne

now I understand

Why she wanted to lick the wrapper


He’s the Rapper ….

December 2nd, 2013

I saw some guy use it in my high school Engineering class on te computer next to mine…thought it was cool

December 2nd, 2013

I was looking up the lyrics to Lupe Fiasco’s song Failure, because I didn’t really understand what was going on. While I was reading I was like, “this site is kind of awesome”…I sifted through some blog posts and stuff and rapgenius quickly became one of my favorite sites!

So I think the answer to your question is Google.

December 2nd, 2013

I kept hearing about it here and there but what made me join was seeing Maboo, Nicole and company on The Combat Jack Show (i’m a fan of the show). The interview was on some awkward/hilarious shit.

December 2nd, 2013

Lurked looking at lyrics for a little while, got an account, forgot about it for a while, remembered it and then ventured into the forum…….probably a bad idea in hindsight tbh

December 2nd, 2013

Someone commented the annotation for ‘cotton candy, majin boo’(frank ocean) on youtube and credited rap genius… shit blew my mind

December 2nd, 2013

Looking up Ab-soul/Earl Sweatshirt lyrics

December 2nd, 2013

Because, I usually talked hip hop and music in general on twitter,and I was kind f sick of that. Especially since a lot of of twitter users aren’t very smart, and there is a character limit. I was gradually beginning to get sick of their “Female’s opinions in music don’t matter” and “You only like X because he’s hot” comments.So I came here. A lot of users here are really cool, excluding trolls.I still talk music and gaming on twitter though.

December 2nd, 2013

and I was kind f sick of that.


December 2nd, 2013
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this site found me

December 2nd, 2013
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I was walking around the streets doing my daily charity supports till a shady guy in a trenchcoat came from an alley. At first he offered me weed and coke but I showed him that I already got that shit in my pocket so instead he offered this thing called Rap Genius. My priest told me to always stay away from it cuz it’s bad for my body and time…I thought about and said no.

Then I was watching this DARE commercial about RG addictions, I snickered and said “what a bunch of losers they don’t know what their doing to themselves” but then it clicked… those guys looked cool doing it. I wanna look, I mean @MyNamesCody stay having parties…..and cool kids be always rocking parties. So I came back to Mr. Trenchcoat, he was busy talking to @RTJII (i didn’t know him at the time) about some secret mass Canibus revolution…I guess it never truly took off. After he was done I asked him about getting some of this RG that he got.

We sat down and talked about the website for hours. I half assed it I barely heard shit but then he brought up forums and that shit sounded sexy cute. After that my dick was doing all types of tricks and while I was trying to calm it down he said something about this thing called annotations, whatever the fuck that is, idk I was too busy to actually hear about that.

I still wasn’t sure about but then he took off his trenchcoat and mass hysteria and utter swag started to emanate out of this nigga….turns out it was the glorious @Maboo, this motherfucker was glowing and doing sick ass backflips all while smelling like cocoa butter. At that instant I knew I gotta get me some RG, we shook hands then this nigga just dissolved into the air like some kind of magikoopa or some shit. I looked outside and turns out he was traveling by helicopter into the sunset.

December 2nd, 2013

I didn’T know what a black strap is..

December 2nd, 2013
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Not to sound stereotypical but, I first found about this site when I needed help trying to understand the lyrics to Chief Keef’s songs.

December 2nd, 2013