Due to the recent influx of pover man fans hating on King Drake, we need to all have a #Drakeluminati meeting to deal with this fuccboy shit. RTJII gone. Our nikka dead. So we have to find a new leader of #Drakeluminati. I would have PM’d yall nikkas, but I don’t know all the members of #Drakeluminati, Tagging members i know


sign yo name if you wanna be in #Drakeluminati. Drake stans only! No Kenny or Pover.

We will meet in tinychat

December 27th, 2013
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i’m 12 and wat is this?

December 27th, 2013
December 27th, 2013
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i like drake, i just also accept the fact hes soft :O but im all about draking hour yo

December 27th, 2013

I’m sure @TyrantX would be interested

December 27th, 2013

Fuck this shit. I’m calling all the Pusha T niggas. I’m biut to expose this shit like edward snowden

December 27th, 2013
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December 27th, 2013

The “Drakeluminati” was already a thing tbr. It’s just called Team Drizzy.

December 27th, 2013
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from toronto, sign me up.

December 27th, 2013

@PharoahAnderson Go ahead nikka! You pusha stans don’t scare us nikka! Don’t make me have to go catch a body like dat ohhhhh.

December 28th, 2013

@toxicallytrill But #Drakeluminati sounds cooler

December 28th, 2013

@GodMind You already in nikka!

December 28th, 2013
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drakes a cool guy that makes good music and better rap songs than your new favourite rappers with little effort. Yet people keep hating on him just because he doesn’t potray a fake gangster like all the rappers do. Just cause he doesn’t try to be tough and raps about relationships which is a subject most of these people on the site and over the internet know nothing about they hate on him.

December 28th, 2013

I’m In!

December 28th, 2013

This is the softest thread in RG right now

December 28th, 2013