Pastor attacks Meek Mill on radio (audio)

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This is a radio interview with Philly native Meek Mill over his song “Amen.” As an artist who’s reachable I understand what Meek is trying to get at, and as a Christian I get what the Pastor is saying. how do you feel about it?

July 12th, 2012
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I grew up in a Christian home — and it’s always bothered me the way Christians blast people in public.

When you want to help a person, you simply do it, you don’t call a fucking radio station.

July 12th, 2012

but ice and lil jon made a song saying church and wat not but like ig the pastor has a point but still its jus music man behind dat meek is putin in dat work for all those need wen eva can so he says but like its kinda a touchy subject.

July 12th, 2012

Jeezy made a song called Amen like 07 pastor whoever wants so fame that’s all

July 12th, 2012

God gave Meek Mill free will.

July 13th, 2012

Meek has total creative control of his music so the pastor should lay off. Besides, he’s taking the song for face value. It’s not like he’s using the church to compensate for his sins or whatever.

July 13th, 2012
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I get the guy’s points. However, I hate the way he does it, talking down to him. I’m a Christian, but I hate others that are so self-righteous they think they can criticize anyone or force someone into believing in Christ. Can’t they just talk it out normally?

July 13th, 2012
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Dude did sound like he planned what he was going to say to Meek, how you gonna bring up what an artist said in a song with no quotes.. the pastor is wrong for that.

he wasn’t with Meek handing out turkeys in the hood!

Plus Aggravated assault on an officer? Turned Pastor? lol dude’s nuts if you ask me.

July 13th, 2012

I get the Pastor’s side but I think he unfairly targeted Meek, just because he said something about rape in one song doesn’t mean he endorses it.

July 13th, 2012

um I never heard meek mill talk about rapping a women?

July 13th, 2012
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“Meek have you ever raped somebody?” because i’m sure he would tell you if he did…

July 14th, 2012

bahaha “As a follower I have a right to call you out on that”



July 14th, 2012