What are the best, or your favorite Immortal Technique songs?

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Not much of an IT fan, but what songs do you recommend or like so i can start listening to his most known songs? Thanks.

August 9th, 2012
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we recommend nothing. RG agrees that IT is da WOAT rapper

August 9th, 2012
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August 9th, 2012

Don’t listen to IT too much but Dance With the Devil is a crazy song. Definitely my favourite song of his.

August 9th, 2012
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Eyes in the sky, Point of no Return, Dance with the devil and The Martyr.

August 9th, 2012
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Dance With the Devil? Who the fuck wants to hear about some crack slingin' nigga and his boys rapin' his mother?

If you appreciate life, you won’t like IT.

Nigga, how can you be so damn depressed all the time?

August 9th, 2012
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Don’t bother with IT unless you want to be bored to tears. .

August 9th, 2012

Ofcourse Dance with the devil, (+ Hidden track)
Internally bleeding,
The 4th branch,
You never know,
Harlem streets,
Industrial revolution,
Leaving the past,
No mercy

August 9th, 2012
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Once you get into his discography and all of his songs and download all of his shit which I foolishly did after hearing Dance with the Devil, you’ll realize he’s a good rapper but he has shitty beats, shitty flow, shitty material after a while.

You can learn a lot from him, and I mean A LOT but there’s never a song I’ve heard from him that I’ve replayed more than 5 times except for Positive Balance and Caught in a hustle.

August 9th, 2012
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Dance with the devil is my favorite

August 9th, 2012

Dance with the devil
The 4th Branch
The 3rd World
Point of no return
Bin Laden
You Never Know

August 9th, 2012

You Never Know is his best song, imo.

August 9th, 2012

The 3rd World
Internal Bleeding
Bin Laden

August 9th, 2012
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Civil War
Bin Laden
Toast to the Dead

August 9th, 2012