2 Chainz – Employee Of The Month Lyrics

Produced By: Diplo

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Yeah (x2)
2 Chainzzz
If I ain't at the party
Then it ain't started

This is trend setting
You niggas is trend following

I don't care if she's modelling
As long as she's swallowing

Bitches all around my crib
I got hoes all on my ottoman

Yea I love these girls
Bitches on my dick
Been around the world
Ain't seen shit like this
Ain't seen shit
Ain't seen shit
Ain't seen shit like this
Ain't seen shit
Ain't seen shit
Ain't seen shit like this

From the back, to the front
She the employee of the month
She shook her back then front
She the employee of the month

Back, front
I'm back, to frontin'

[Verse 1]
I did what I said I would anyway
I do this shit, like anyday
Nigga want to play around like a playground
Nigga laydown, look at that trigger plate
Southside, lean with the my MI-WI
Started from the inside, drag his ass outside
Chain so big you can see that shit from the blind side
At their neck like a bow tie, I'mma be a multi
Opposite of broke

You can't go where I go
Mop their ass, they got a motherfucking dry floor
And I walk on a tight rope
I got balance and them Balenciagas
And I woke up, whole enchilada
I got a bitch beside, I got a bitch beside


Cause everybody needs love
We never seem to get enough
I'll show you what it's made of
Just need you to lift me up
(Lift me up x2)


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