Trolling, trolling, trolling these niggas

from Childish Gambino – Life: the biggest troll [andrew auernheimer] Lyrics on Rap Genius


Trolling is Internet slang for stirring up the pot and creating havoc. A lot of the times a troll will start a discussion or argument that is inane or emptily provocative in order to upset people.

A lot of people call trolling an art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off. Trolling does not mean making rude remarks as a lot of people thinks. That’s called flaming. That sure does piss people off, but it’s lame.

There’s signs of a successful troll:

Trolling is believed to originate from’s community /b/ around 2004/2005. It became popularized in 2011.

Classical trolling refers to trolling with the goal to make your victim confused and angry while Internet trolling is the modernized version and means to make not-so-subtle remarks and cussing at the victim.

In the screenplay, The Boy trolls media figures for a living. He considers that to be his career (

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