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Produced By: Tony Pizarro

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[Male Reporter]
At 12:25 AM Wednesday, 2Pac was on his way into a time square building to record at an eight floor studio to record with another rapper. But in the lobby, Shakur was shot several times, including two graze wounds to the head. 2Pac's lawyers said the attack appeared to be a setup

[Female Reporter]
Against doctors orders, 2Pac Shakur checked himself out of the hospital less than 24 hours after being shot 5 times on the way into a Manhattan recording studio

[Male Reporter]
2Pac Shakur secures one clean legal victory this year, as he's dismissed of assault charges brought against him when he allegedly shot at two off-duty Atlantic cops on Halloween last year. The case was dismissed due to insufficient evidence

[Male Reporter]
More controvery surrounding 2Pac Shakur ...

[Female Reporter]
Meanwhile, in 2Pac news, at about 6:45 tonight, Shakur may have lowered his own chances of surviving the attack by checking himself out of the hospital that probably saved his life

[Male Reporter]
2Pac Shakur checked into the Metropolitan Hospital yesterday under an assumed name. His lawyers said that he had connections, but wouldn't say what kind, that could provide top notch security for the injured rap star

[Female Reporter]
Shakur underwent surgery today ...

[Male Reporter]
The shooting of 2Pac Shakur here in New York City once again underscores the violence that has surrounded this man since he shot to superstardom in the world of music and entertainment

[Outro: Julius Caesar]
A coward dies a thousand deaths. A soldier dies but once ...

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