40 Glocc – Welcome to California (Remix) Lyrics

Produced By: E-40, Sevin, Snoop Dogg, Too & Xzibit

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Where you at Water?

I'm trapped in my own mind and I'm trapped like I'm in bondage
Now, everybody ain't eating, some of us hungry like a hostage
Messing 'round get a bleaking, with them 30-round car tricks
To the right we playing, we'd do anything to get fetti
California reality, with a California mentality
Pushing wait like calories to collect our salaries
Pimping pink toes, like Nikki, Marge and Valerie
(Who you allergic to?) I'm allergic to suckers, mind my allergy

[Hook: Sevin]
This is for the West Side, West Side
This is for the West Side, West Side
This is for the West Side, West Side
This is for the West Side, West Side
Yeah, welcome to California
Yeah, welcome to California
Yeah, welcome to California
Yeah, welcome to California

[40 Glocc]
Look at these California Chucks with these California strings
With California dickies with these California T's
Say the wrong thing get hit with them California knees
I come from the land of them California G's
Catch me, Big U, Humpty sipping California lean
And if you really really join my California team
We some real B's and some California C's
Oh you didn't know? It's a California thing


[Snoop Dogg]
Where the big C's cripping and the low-lows be dipping
And the laws keep tripping, but you know we do it our way
Californa-a-yay, West like Kanye
From G's to boys to [?] singing like [?]
Gangster shit with a G bitch
She want a blunt, then count money and talk shit, you'z a trick
You wanna know my bitch dress size?
Then break bread or fake date, this is for the best side, the West Side


[Too Short]
Welcome to the bank mayne (bitch)
You a long way from LA mayne (bitch)
But it's just as dangerous
No Crips and Bloods, but the shit don't change that much
Niggas still representing, throw it up
You can't have a good time if you don't know enough
Cause Cali girls like to show that stuff
And us Oakland niggas, we have em ho'ing up


California plates on my California Phantom
Up on that California kush up in Cali swerving
California earthquakes, California sunshine
Caught up in that twist, call it California wartime
California politics and California consequences
Bitches be flocking to California, flipping like pigeons
California brand fully automatic weapon
California kid to a California legend
When Cali get together watch how California ball
Show some California love, put some plaques up on the wall
California scream for the Golden State Warriors
Born in Detroit but made in California


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