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{4th Disciple}
Fabulous Felonz
Fabulous Felonz
It's the Fabulous Felonz
It's the Fabulous Felonz
It's the Fabulous Felonz

The amount of pressure that it takes to bust a nut
It's the head rush, from the sound cut
Establish my noise, sound wave hunt
Alchemist, purifyin' notes just to touch
Of Mercury, classifying elements
Blending the essence of fury
But within this heat, there's still peace
In order to defeat you must teach
Rebellion of the Fabulous Felonz (Fabulous Felonz)

{Raw Intellect - 1}
I'm a rare creation, illustration of original ancient
Feed bronze hair sheep throughout my conjugation
Spit afrodeziacks, with gypsies till the observations
They open eyelids and Oscars in my nominations
We go through hail, sunshine and precipitation
Just to be a street scholar, for street education
I dream ya mason charge for air plus his ventilation
New world order, flip the situation
Now it's time pass on, in modern Babylon
Just like a decathlon, instead of catacomb, gas masks placed upon
Lookin for thugs, who get their battle on
Chariots of fire, with no medallion
Seen the finish line from miles beyond

{4th Disciple}
Rebellion of the Fabulous Felonz
Rebellion of the Fabulous Felonz
Rebellion of the Fabulous Felonz

Rebellion of the Fabulous Felonz
Leave the streets meltin', young minds swellin'
Sound waves we sellin', caps peal, yellin'
Amplifying notes that shatter glass, take courage
Cease ya fears, before you have the remedy
Affliction, comes here
As it draws near, don't stare
The truth, exist in your square

Rebellion of the Fabulous Felonz

{Raw Intellect - 2}
The knowledge is infinite, better start studying it
Manifest it, but understand it
Without the 12 Jewelz of Mathematics you be stranded
Soul abducted, substitute it with Devilishment
Controlled by the 100% weak and wicked
The government, who invent the laws?
You better know the list before you fall
The only paper I read is The Final Call
I feed off the bread of life, survive off the bread of life
The bread of life be the truth
I got enough bread to feed a thousand heads
And bring the life to the mental dead

{4th Disciple}
Rebellion of the Fabulous Felonz

{Raw Intellect - 3}
Get wrapped up in the web of deep thinkin'
Superior sinister plot drips from the ink pen
Entycin, ya whole click faces extinction
When I'm high off the bomb lye imported from Kingston
Sippin Dr. Bombay throughout the weekend
My speakers tweakin, red bones leakin
I'm seekin red bones in the bar with Othello pawns
We get served like good fellas on a Mellow Jones
Yeah I'm all highed up, make sure your shoes is tied up
When the Raw and the Army size up
We tear this whole country side up
This corrupt way of livin, take a lot and thanks forgiven
I've been sinnin like this since the beginning
4th keep the record spinnin, get respected like John Lennon
I serve these niggas heads like Wimbledon
I got 'em tremblin, in their Timberlands

{4th Disciple}
Rebellion of the Fabulous Felonz
Rebellion of the Fabulous Felonz
Rebellion of the Fabulous Felonz
The Fabulous Felonz

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