50 Cent – Flight 187 Lyrics

Produced By: Phoenix

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[Produced by Phoenix]

From the day you're born 'til the day you die
If you're one of the poor ones you just gotta work hard

One-eighty-seven, one-eighty-seven
Departure from the hood, destination hell or heaven
One-eighty-seven, one-eighty-seven
Departure from the hood, destination hell or heaven
I'm a rider, say I'm a rider
I'm a rider, say I'm a rider
I'm a rider, say I'm a rider
I'm a rider, say I'm a rider

[Verse 1]
They putting pressure on me, son, now they want me to snap
End up like X and Whitney in my mansion smoking crack
I'm paranoid, I'm feeling like niggas is trying to get me
Forget the kids, I'm shaving off my fucking head like Britney

Man, Dre won't mix my records, now I need to talk to Jimmy
I'm falling back in my old ways, I'm riding with the semi
Who's calling me? It's Chris, he's on the other line with Diddy
But I don't wanna talk right now, my day is going shitty

Why's Jay rocking that Urkel look, man, isn't he from Marcy?
They say he's growin dreads and now he's talking like a Yardie

Man, everything is changing, I don't understand a thing
I guess this is that bullshit that all the money brings
I'm on flight


[Verse 2]
My baby mama boyfriend like to talk like he can hurt me
I'm laughing cause she kissed him in his mouth and gave him herpes
That just makes him one of 50 niggas wanting to murk me
Niggas found my truck and burnt it up out there in Jersey
You can ask my son, he'll tell you "my dad's fucking crazy"
She filled his head with shit and now I think he fuckin' hates me

Shady didn't invent me but a star is what he made me
I'll blow your fuckin' mind out if I told you what he paid me

He gave me all the pills he had left, that's why I'm so high
It makes me feel so good now that I'm not so scared to die
I wish a nigga would, I dare a motherfucker try
You get at me and miss you kiss your black ass good-bye
I'm on flight


[Verse 3]
My lawyers on retainers every month, I give ‘em stacks
In case they wanna send me up for murder like Max

Man I wasn't the shooter, I was never on the scene
So if they do forensics they'll find out it wasn't me
There's no need for a lie detector, I ain't sayin shit
The more you talk the higher chances you're doing a bid

Today I read the paper, it said Tru Life caught a case
They said they found a victim with a knife stuck in his face

I spoke to Michael Vick, I told him I'm happy he home
You tell them crackers sorry nigga then you get back on
When dogs are fighting in the hood nobody gives a fuck
So you get back and shake it on the field, show them what's up

I'm on flight


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