60 Second Assassin – Take Sword Pt. II Lyrics

Produced By: RZA

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[Intro: "Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang" sample (60 Second Assassin, True Master)]
(Black Samurai)
"Take the sword"
"The sword?"
"Come on, give me the sword"
(Everybody let your head take control)
"Heh, you Wu-Tang are never gonna win"
"My lord, don't be afraid of the Wu-Tang techniques"
(If you are natural)
"Take the sword!"
(Everybody let your head take control
(If you are natural)

[60 Second Assassin]
Black Samurai, land of the Wu
True are these lyrics for a Mars bar
Biochemical, fury! You get thrown in the maze
Of court and jury, the psycopath, chief of the war cloud
Warpath, whoopin' up his ass
Hold up his world like Atlas
In-car-nating, styles, you can call the death trials!
Don't, but not flinch from the eyelines
Sick, the crack of the smile, I might play wild child
Enter the stands of a bound, because you found
You should be, stripped of your gown
Mutilated, maned, shipped out, what the fuck, you don' tripped out
Miscount, 60 Sec., account the amount
You seem to lost, your whereabout, there about
A year to mount roundhouse, heavy second stakeout
Try to break out, and get knocked about
Fifty-two blocks on the house, figured, no action and all mouth
Now watch me put on this show like Paramount
Disfigure your aura like sourcrout
You want beef? You want war, where we go to? The mountains
Hurt with rhymes that'll cripple you, beyond dispicable
Uncurable, once you exit in the realm of the fictional
Or should I say death, cuz rhymes should of been kept
Chopping necks, Black Samurai...
Yeah, home of the ruckus, Black Samurai

[True Master]
Yo, Black Samurai, I'm God, a man awakening in the night
Out of darkness, I see a flicker of light
Last is first, no, first is last
Long believed in, I am a thought that came to pass
I am a Black Man, as you are me
I feel a change coming, I see things others do not see
We incourage each other with words that's bred
And annoint the heads of the now mentally dead
We are heading home, the wicked soon'll be crushed
I am air, I am flame, I am water, I am dust
My thoughts flicker, blow a moment, then catch a fire
As I elevate myself, higher and higher
An since knowledge of myself is truly known
My foundation is like that of the most solid stone
I come forth by day with the new way
A new way which is really the same as the old way
Come and get going as I first became
Cuz father and son, one in the same
Know yourself, you will soon understand
That who you are indeed, is the original man
Black Samurai, we never die, the third eye
Shining bright in the light, ride through the night
Check it out

[Outro: "Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang" sample (60 Second Assassin, True Master)]
"Take the sword"
"The sword?"
"Come on, give me the sword"
(Everybody let your head take control)
(If you are natural)
"Heh, you Wu-Tang are never gonna win"
"My lord, don't be afraid of the Wu-Tang techniques"
"Take the sword!"

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