AFU – How To Be An Editor Lyrics

Produced By: RTJII

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To motivate you need to annotate
And annotations requires innovation
Which needs illustration, so you can gain acceleration to get to the elevation
If you are one lazy mothafucka, it’s going to be a hell of deceleration
You will get a decertification, and get lacerated by a 200 IQ mental patient

You could possibly get overclassification by Stephen Niday
You might get estimated
Oversimplificated by being a Niday’s deterioration

Even though he got nice fact secularization

Some should not join editorialization
But should get some mental rehabilitation
Look for medication
Ehh really education, like IceKrunk
It will emanation to being eliminated, and or probably get examination to result a vaccination from having immunization from being mentally reformated

Yo Yo

Shout out to RTJII

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