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[Ai Morioku] Non-stop...
[Ja Rule] Yeah
I don't think y'all ready for this
[Ai Morioku] Non-stop...
[Ja Rule] Japan's own
[Ja Rule] By New York's own
[Ai Morioku] Non-stop...
[Ja Rule] Rule...
Come on, uh

[Ai Morioku]
(Verse 1)
Kinou ni
Mimi wo fusagi
Sonna koto wo
Jibun dake wa
Warukunai to
Senaka wo marume
Me wo sorasazu ni
Now it's over

[Hook: Ai Morioku]
Never thinking
What you say to me
It don't mean anything
Keep on running
It's your only way
Non stop
Non stop
I see you
Don't fake it
What you got for me
I don't see anything

(Verse 2)
Waraigoe ni
Se wo muke
Kurayami bakari
Mite iru
Sonna koto ja
Ushinau koto wo
Muimi na mono wo
Sore ga chigau
Dakara chigau
Now it's over

[Repeat Hook]

[Bridge: Ai Morioku]
Umarete kita imi wo miushinau na
Kodoku nanka ja irarenai
Kono chikara wo karadajuu kanjite
Ima koso

[Rap Verse: Ja Rule]
I've been non-stop, since day one, keeping it gangsta
Never thinking 'bout consequences, I keep runnin'
What to say to mean don't mean nothin'
Just keep your head up
The way I been living, my lifestyle's gettin' me fed up
From New York to Japan, we breaking bread
While the world is at war and slangin' lead
You and I's, Too Hot For TV like Making The Band
Now get up and dance, and all my bitches, shake that ass
Non stop

[Ai Morioku] Non-stop...
[Ja Rule] Come on
Come on
Uh, uh
It's Murder (It's Murder)
It's Murder
[Ai Morioku] Non-stop...
[Ja Rule] Yeah
We do this non-stop, baby

[Repeat Hook] Twice

(Ja Rule in background) {Ai Morioku in background}
[Ai Morioku] Non-stop
Never stop
[Ja Rule] Never stop
[Ai Morioku] Come on (Come on)
And make your move
[Ja Rule] Make your move
[Ai Morioku] From the right
[Both] To the left
[Ai Morioku] You have the power
To do what you want
[Ja Rule] What up, Ai
[Ai Morioku] Hey, Ja Rule
Tokyo to New York
[Ja Rule] New York to Tokyo, baby {What you say}
[Ai Morioku] Come on
Come on
[Ja Rule] Yeah
Come on
Come on
Dance for me now

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